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Ok, if the size of a baby’s cheeks could win an Olympic medal, then Katie and Billy Demong’s son, Liam, would definitely take Gold!!
July 13th (Wed): One day after getting her chest tube out, Mia is rewarded with her FIRST trip outside!!¬†¬†Dressed up with sun-hat and stylin shades, Mia made the first trip into the open air in over a month and a half. Thursday night Heidi and I were given the gift of two tickets by a thoughtful and beautiful lady Kami, and we spent our first “date” amidst an overwhelming feeling of Love, Acceptance, Joy, and Hope! Kaza removed her last chest tube Tuesday, July 12, while they were doing the weekly biopsy of her heart, and checking the pressures in the heart itself. Enter a 7-digit number in our reverse phone number lookup for general listings or a 10-digit one for a specific listing.

They are also often like Billy Demong, and his beautiful wife and super duper cute chunky baby boy Liam!!
We were sitting in the Angel Garden ready to eat when we received a call that we had to hustle back into the hospital to meet with some doctors and pharmacists. We hope, that with time and everyone’s love, Mia will find a way to see this experience as something other than a Curse. And, true to Miracle Mia form and fashion, five days ago (Monday, July 11, to be exact) Mia decided to climb up on that stubborn mule (according to her Mom) and “turn it for home”! Still can’t talk above a whisper, but is able to keep her eyes open for a few minutes at a time.
I would like to write more about this incredible moment, but that would take another couple of days for me to find the words. Someone, including MiaBella, has been listening to your pleas, your prayers, and your calls for intercession.

He looked her in the eyes, gave her a hug, and reached into his pocket and gave her a guitar pik. Just like Horton, and over a month later she tracked us down in the NTU and came to visit Mia! So, I wanted to give Billy and Katie a ‘shout out’, or whatever it is cool people do?
Because they took the time to show my daughter some love, and put up with me at the same time. E, in the back…… totally engrossed in his ipod that he got for his 9th Birthday on the 2nd of Aug!

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