Since September 2004 Deutsche Telekom directory enquiries (dial 11833) has been providing a reverse lookup service (See: Inverssuche Telefonauskunft).
All Deutsche Telekom customers should receive, or have received, a letter informing them of this change.
Includes unlimited people searches, email searches, phone lookups and available public records. Secure Checkout - Orders are processed through a 256-bit encrypted SSL connection - the technology used by banks and financial institutions. If you know only a telephone number you are able to discover the name and address of its owner.

This letter might take the form of very small text printed on the back of the ordinary telephone bill. You get a no question asked refund that is done by simply clicking a refund button in the members area. You will be allowed to look up an unlimited amount of phone numbers which will include all premium information. The membership will be free for the 7-day trial period, after which you may wish to cancel your membership or continue on a monthly charge. If you are concerned about protecting your personal data make sure you read this letter carefully.

Membership gives you unlimited access to our public records database - not just one search - and therefore is a much better bargain. Fortunately there is an opt out clause but unless you actively opt out your data will be published. For years illegal software was available which decrypted and reverse indexed the Deutsche Telekom directory CDs.

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