In his first statement since the controversy arose from his Holocaust negation, Williamson said he will focus on evidence of the historical existence of gas chambers before considering a correction.
Der Spiegel says that they were not able to conduct a face-to-face interview with Richard Williamson.
The lifting of his excommunication has sparked an outcry in many countries, especially in the Catholic circles of Germany, and triggered a crisis that has affected the Vatican’s relations with Jews, thereby tarnishing the image of the pope. Features: MD head unit with 5 mode, 7 band equalizer, couples with Alpine CVA-1000, CDA-7949 or TDA-7559.

Blaupunkt's English page for this unit, which includes a brief report from autohifi magazine. Manufacturer's Description: Play MiniDiscs and CDs in one single-slot player (from the 2001 range).
MiniDiscs or Compact Discs in one unit thanks to the genius of the one pickup, single slot KD-MX2900R.
According to theologians and church leaders, hundreds of Germans were outraged with Pope Benedict’s decision to rescind the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson.

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