Aluminised fiberglass gentex gloves are manufactured of high texturized fiberglass fabric that can withstand direct contact with high temperatures. Aluminised fiberglass hand gloves are manufactured of aluminized fiberglass and contains a wool lining which provides both insulation from radiant heat and ensures superior comfort.
Aluminized Fiberglass Hand Gloves is manufactured with its outer layer of dual mirror Aluminized fiberglass fabrics and inner layer is of woolen fabrics stitched with Kevlar threads. For workers who are exposed to extreme temperatures, the asbestos hand gloves amc 41 are essential since it provides effective thermal insulation. Asbestos hand gloves amc 41 having superior flannel liningare is used mostly in industries that require the handling of very hot items. Asbestos hand gloves AMC 41 with woolen lining protects the hands of the industrial user from extremely high temperatures. Asbestos hand gloves are designed with woolen lining for more heat resistance in industries that require the handling of very hot items. Asbestos Hand Gloves Everest manufactured from Everest asbestos cloth giving resistance to flame heat oil fungus and mould non-corrosive to cables non-sagging and abrasive resistant.
The asbestos hand gloves with heavy cotton lining are ideally used in industries that require handling of hot equipements and items. Asbestos hand gloves is manufactured from ferolite asbestos cloth with heavy drill cotton lining giving excellent fire resistant rot and vermin proof qualities. Asbestos hand gloves designed with kevlar patch on reverse side of palm is non flammable with high tensile strength giving resistant to chemicals heat and weather. Asbestos hand gloves with leather thumb patch features excellent resistance from fire, heat, chemical and electrical damage. Asbestos hand gloves are heat resistant gloves closely knitted with leather lining possesses excellent fire rot and vermin proof qualities. The asbestos hand gloves with woolen lining is a unique blend of effective thermal insulation along with comfort to the user. Asbestos hand gloves made from high quality asbestos fabric with woolen lining designed to give protection against heat & fire hazards.
We are specialized in the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of B Type Face Shield in all over the world.
We offer Canadian Gloves that are manufactured using high grade leather which is on palm and canvas on the back.

The superior quality Chemsol Hand Gloves provided by us have been termed as the best available in the market because of their superior design and high chemical resistivity. The chrome canvas leather hand gloves comprises of two parts, the palm and the thumb region is manufactured of split leather whereas the rest is made of heavy drilled fabric.
The chrome leather heat resistnace hand gloves are manufactured of split leather which is an excellent heat resistant.
Where a industrial user performs heavy duty jobs the chrome leather reversable hand gloves are an absolute essential as its chrome leather body offers excellent resistance from both oil and water.
Cotton drill hand gloves, is use for ceramic industries, tiles manufacturing industries, medium engineering can use this hand gloves. We offer cotton hand gloves is use for ceramic industries, tile industries, abrasives industries, metal industries, medium engineering industries are used this cotton hand gloves.
The company is counted among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cotton Hand Gloves.
We Manufacture and Supply Cotton Hand Gloves Which are Fabricated with Superior Grade Materials. The pages are recycled and, in a kind of reverse engineering, used to create a new type of tree – still dead but nevertheless emblematic of what went into creating the pages. It’s creating something fun out of an iconic print product which has seen better days, giving it new life, albeit shredded and rearranged. The Asbestos Hand Gloves provided by us are made using asbestos cloth (SFI) similar to AMC - 41. These heat resistant gloves allow the industrial users to handle and work with heated equipments without causing burns.
These industrial asbestos gloves has excellent heat insulating properties and high tensile strength.
These heat resistant gloves contains a woolen lining for added comfort and protects the user from burns and critical injuries.
This safety asbestos hand gloves with amc 41 known for their wear and tear resistance & fine finish these gloves are widely demanded by the customers. These heat resistant gloves have thermal insulation properties and is lined with heavy drill cotton to withstand heat while protecting the wearer from injuries.
This heat retardant gloves are ideally used in textile machine boilers pipe lines power stations thermal insulation etc.

These asbestos gloves are reinforced with a leather palm patch which provides superior grip with extended wear performance. These asbestos gloves possess tensile strength and offers excellent resistance to heat and fire. These asbestos hand wear are durable economical high in water repellent and low in water absorption. The B Type Face Shield is made from cast acrylic sheet with ratchet fitting for extra sturdiness and durability. The Banian Hand Gloves are manufactured from superior quality raw material acquired from licensed dealers. The variety of Body Protection Apron available with us includes cotton aprons, leather aprons, Disposable aprons, etc. Our gloves are comfortable to wear, durable, skin friendly and are available in various sizes as per the client’s requirements.
These split leather work gloves comprise of an woolen foam lining for superior thermal protection.
Cotton Hand Gloves offered by us, are of good quality and provide safe holding in industrial use. The Cotton Hand Gloves, offered by the company, are fabricated from the finest grade cotton.
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Asbestos Hand Gloves are worn by industrial workers who get exposed to the hazardous material directly.
Banian Hand Glove designed by the company is in demand for its fine finish, durability and skin friendliness. Banian Hand Glove Designed By the Company is in Demand for Its fine Finish, Durability and Skin Friendliness.

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