Best monthly cell phone plans for existing Fido and Rogers customersYou look at the new Fido and Rogers plans, and they're underwhelming. BCBS OF FLORIDA - Rogers Benefit Group - PlansRx Sheet - SM GRP - Lower Cost 5260s - HIGH OPT.
Rogers scammed me - promised a plan and then would not honor itI called Rogers and asked them what they could offer me. Rogers said in a statement Monday it recorded a 19 per cent plunge in its adjusted net income to $275 million from $340 million during the same three months ended March 30 last year.
Further, a new rule mandating that customers no longer need to provide their providers 30-days notice to cancel services resulted in a dip in Rogers’ revenue of $3 million for its cable division, which is composed of Internet, television and landline phone businesses, and a combined net loss of 40,000 subscribers.
Shares of Rogers closed up 32 cents, or less than 1 per cent, Monday in Toronto to $41.86, snapping a six-day losing streak.
UPDATED: Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 available online on September 24th, Hitting stores the week after?
Listen up you die-hard RIM fan boys out there eagerly waiting for the local release of the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

No word yet from Telus on whether or not they’ll push through with their Torch 9800 launch tomorrow, but as far a Bell and Virgin Mobile are concerned, they’ll be coming out with theirs in October. Description: Our standard quoting of Lower Cost plans includes the low option Rx benefit.
Rogers states the price of the cheapest plan – $15 for 100 minutes per month ( there are also $20, and $25 plans).
I also didn’t want to spend a lot on the initial hardware purchase or have something hard-wired to the boat.
1864): When a woman's wine glass reaches precariously low levels she may exclaim, "low tide" also available in the cocktail version as "I can see rocks".
Equity analysts were expecting adjusted profit of $319.8 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Of its total base of post-paid consumers, 16 per cent are still on a three-year contract, all of which are can be cancelled this summer without penalty after the wireless code limited contracts to two years. The company activated 700,000 wireless smartphones this quarter, of which 32 per cent were new subscribers.

Rogers said the $8-million adjusted net loss in its media division was a result of a 27 per cent hike in operating expenses, pressured by $120 million in increased costs to produce its National Hockey League programming. According to Mobilesyrup, Rogers will begin accepting orders online for RIM’s first slider phone beginning tomorrow, September 24th, with store availability scheduled to follow suit the week after. So, will you be getting it from Rogers or will you just wait for the other carriers to come out with their respective Torch 9800 offers? The Canadian launch of the Torch 9800 has apparently been postponed to September 30th thus shutting the door on its possible release this week. It also shed 37,000 customers who prepaid much less to access the company’s mobile network. I was however hesitating to commit myself to a three year plans and pay the minimum 60$ per .

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