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History, culture and the fine arts are showcased by the many community and nearby attractions. In 2012, the City of Regina, Saskatchewan launched a major renovation project within their downtown. In order to create a space with the capacity for a large number of events, particularly high impact ones that had previously been limited in Victoria Park due to concerns for the health of the park’s grass and trees, hard surfaces along the edges were important for the City Square project. Crosby Hanna & Associates, the project designers, specified Silva Cells to support the weight of the sidewalk pavement while also providing adequate soil volume to support a long life for the street trees. The city recognized an advantage in blending their tree and stormwater infrastructure together. Continued Duce, “From a storm water management perspective, this block of Lorne Street did not have an existing storm main running for the entire block.
The design included connecting the existing catch basin to a 10 cm (4”) perforated pipe for distribution throughout the Silva Cell system.
On the west side of Lorne Street, a 20 cm (8”) perforated PVC pipe functions as the drain pipe. By using trees and green infrastructure alongside other roadway and pedestrian enhancements, the City of Regina has established a unique and innovative identity to the their new City Square, providing linkages between the park and the streets that carry nature with them throughout. King Buck Safaris brings 35 years of guiding experience to the avid hunter in various types of Big Game Trophy Hunts throughout western Canada. We have deer hunting access to approximately 92,000 acres of provincial forest and 10,000 acres of farmland area in and around Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. There are no heaters but if the deer hunter wishes to bring their own they are welcome to do so. Deer hunters must keep in mind that record-book whitetails did not get big from being stupid, so we have to have all the odds in our favour. King Buck Safaris has claimed title to the World's First Typical 8 x 8 Whitetail Deer ever taken in the wild.
This magnificent whitetail still lives in Saskatchewan's pristine forest as he was spotted with only half a rack by one of our clients. All this comes with 35 years of whitetail deer guiding experience and successful trophies harvested, especially, Joe Lurch's MAGNIFICENT 8X8, which is the first typical 8X8 whitetail frame ever shot in the wild. Deposit of 50% is required upon booking and balance is due by August 1st in the form of a CASHIER'S CHEQUE ONLY! Being Alberta born and operating in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan for the past 16 years gives me the opportunity to definitely promote the fact that Manitoba is a 'SLEEPIER' province for trophy whitetail in western Canada. The second outstanding feature , which gives this Manitoba deer camp a high rating, is the fact that the buck-to-doe ratio is very high. Jerry Seager of Michigan claims he had 5 whitetail bucks chasing one doe during his 6 day deer hunt.
In 2005 Steve Esposito fired three rounds at a whitetail which he claims was beyond anyone's wildest dreams. The guides will take you to your deer stands in the dark and pick you up after legal shooting hours. The treestands for this Manitoba Deer Hunt are erected only by myself so if any hunters are unhappy with deer stand placement don't blame the guides - but most hunters are happy with placement. I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assignees release, waive, and hold harmless the NAWC and anyone affiliated with it of all and from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, and causes of actions, with respect to death, injury, and property damage however caused arising out of my participation in NAWC activities.

While visiting Rosthern be sure to stop in at the award-winning, Station Arts Centre Cooperative. A central feature of this renovation was the creation of a public square, called City Square, from the public realm space adjacent to and surrounding Victoria Park.
Lorne Street, which is adjacent to the Park and the planned City Square, needed to provide both a hard surface and new trees that would help link the street section to the park. On most of the streets in the downtown area of the city, the storm sewer system runs down the back alleys and on the avenues. This passive system minimizes infrastructure and maintenance costs while allowing street and sidewalk runoff to flow through the soil, where it can be cleaned and cooled prior to entering the City’s storm sewer. On the east side of Lorne Street, a 15 cm (6”) perforated PVC pipe is installed as the drain pipe. One can expect to see anywhere from 10-30 deer in one day depending on which deer stand is utilized for the deer hunt. Deer hunters must not concentrate on just the bait pile but also keep scanning the surrounding area. But I will say this - "that this particular whitetail deer that you have seen on video in our Saskatchewan Lodge was an awesome contender for the next World Record. One must also realize that if he or she dreams of shooting a whitetail deer of this calibre you have to hunt an area that holds them and King Buck Safaris has just that - with solid proof - in Saskatchewan.
These deer stands are 16ft when seated, with a 51" rugged platform, double guard rail and removable shooting ring. DEER HABITS 2. This tent camp is one that involves fair chase of trophy whitetails unlike my Saskatchewan camp which allows baiting for deer.
The 2 most distingiushing features which separate this deer camp from any other whitetail camp or area within Manitoba is the fact that this whitetail hunting area has NATURAL MINERAL LICKS.
Steve states this deer's main beams were like baseball bats and his 199 would have fit inside without a doubt.
Some deer stands overlook meadows where doe's come to feed, others are in bottlenecks, transition areas, intersecting travel corridors and beaver dams across slough bottoms and waterways.
All deer stands are portable tree stands with covers around them and a rug on the platform. Hunter's must arrive at Saskatchewan lodge on Saturday night in order to leave early Sunday morning for the Manitoba Outcamp. I acknowledge that participation in walking activities exposes me to risks that include but are not limited to walking-related injury, traffic injury, injury due to falls and other hazards inherent in walking in different settings, and illness caused by environmental factors such as heat or pollution. Open year-round, this renovated CN station has been converted into an art gallery, tea room and performing arts theatre.
A section of Lorne Street, a central artery of downtown Regina that runs alongside an edge of Victoria Park, was reconstructed between 11th and 12th Avenue with a concrete road, curb and gutter replacements, and major landscaping enhancements including new tree plantings and innovative on-site stormwater management. Due to the myriad of existing underground utilities on this street, there was limited area available to provide adequate planting area for trees.
An underdrain sits at the base of the Silva Cell system; the segments that run within the Silva Cells are perforated, and the segments between groups of cells are solid. During the 100 year event, the Silva Cells on the west side of Lorne Street are on average at 70% capacity.
We have been in operation as a full-fledged big game outfitter for the past 16 years in Saskatchewan.

Whitetail hunters are dropped off at the base of their stand and the site is baited with grain at the same time. There are also bait sites with fewer deer numbers - these stands tend to produce big whitetail bucks. The deer stands have 'camo' enclosures with shooting windows for an unobsructed view of the hunting site.
I ussually recommend a pair of boot blankets, hand warmers and foot warmers or an enclosed body bag. The majority of my client's trophy whitetails were shot off to the side of the deer baits ( 60-70 yards ) in heavy cover. The video can be seen by all whitetail hunters during their hunt at our Saskatchewan lodge.
It truly hurts to have given one of your clients an opportunity on this magnificent giant and not have the deer hunter capitalize on the shot. You enter into a 'camo' enclosure with zippered shooting windows designed to keep the deer hunter out of the weather. The trails to every deer stand are hand cut so that a small 4X4 Geo Tracker can drive in and drop the avid deer hunter at the base of their deer stand in the morning and then bait the stand at the same time. TRAVEL PATTERNS 3.
This means that every whitetail buck shot in this Manitoba camp will make the record books if the deer antler score is high enough. I will hold harmless the NAWC with regard to any information it provides including but not limited to information gathered at seminars, training recommendations, and the like. Whitetail hunters are taken in the morning to their deer stand using a 4x4 Geo Tracker vehicle and then picked up in the evening. READING DEER SIGN 4. As a bonus, Deer hunters are allowed to take a timber wolf on their Manitoba Outcamp hunt at no extra charge.
The tents in the Manitoba outcamp are 14x20 feet with a floor and a 1 foot air space in the walls for insulation.
I understand that participation in any NAWC events is voluntary and I am not required to attend any of its functions.
Altogether, 1,250 Silva Cell frames and 510 Silva Cell decks were installed in a three layer system to support the 19 new trees and manage the site’s stormwater. KNOWLEDGE & SCOUTING OF SASKATCHEWAN'S FORESTS 5. Cutting and keeping these trails clear to the deer stand for the hunters convenience is not easy work. DEER STAND PLACEMENT 6.

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