In "The iSeries: A Flexible and Integrated Environment for Linux," I showed you how to install Linux on an iSeries and setup a Linux partition. As you know from my previous article, Linux in a logical partition on an iSeries can take advantage of the virtual network capability of logical partitioning (LPAR), to establish communication among the partitions.
There are a number of ways to establish network communications for a Linux partition, including allocating a physical network card to Linux, as well as using Linux to bridge external network communications across to one or more virtual LAN in the iSeries system.
Both Proxy ARP and NAT can be used to bridge external network traffic to one or more virtual network in the iSeries system.
Allocating virtual Ethernet connections can be accomplished via 5250 emulation commands or via iSeries Navigator.
Connections can be established by simply clicking the checkbox for the virtual LANs that you want the partitions to have connections on. Keep in mind that allocation of virtual LAN connections only establishes an internal network that can be used for network communication among the partitions.
It is recommended that an IP Subnet Calculator be used to help determine an address range for Proxy ARP. The associated local interface is used to indicate the address that the traffic should be bridged to. During partition configuration, specify at least one common virtual LAN identifier for all partitions that need to communicate. From the external LAN network administrator, request a block of 4, 8, 16, or 32 consecutive IP addresses, beginning on a 4-, 8-, 16-, or 32-address boundary (or a subnet).
The main advantage of NAT is that the addresses assigned on the external network do not need to be consecutive; rather, they can be scattered across the address scheme of the external network.
Set up two addresses for each partition: The first address is for the private (or virtual) network, and the second is for the partition on the outside (external) network. The address name is user-defined and will be used when the address mapping (see below) is established. As an example, if you wanted to NAT three partitions, eight addresses would need to be defined.

Once the internal and external addresses have been defined, and the mappings established, the mappings need to be activated.
The following table provides a summary of the various options for networking Linux on an iSeries system.
Keep in mind that while the virtual LAN emulates GB Ethernet, the network traffic on the external network will be impacted by the speed of the external network.
Finally, a network for partitions on an iSeries provides a flexible and robust set of solutions that can be mixed in order to provide a network configuration specific to the needs of the environment in which iSeries Linux partitions are being implemented. This article is quite a departure from typical Midrange Programmer content, but hopefully it has provided you with some additional tools and advice that will help you to properly network your Linux partition with the world outside of the iSeries. Erwin Earley is an advisory software engineer at IBM and has worked at the Rochester, Minnesota, development lab since 1996.
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While both of these options are viable and important to understand, this article focuses on two other methods: Proxy ARP and Network Address Translation (NAT). The first step in establishing the network configuration is setting up a virtual LAN on the iSeries. To allocate a virtual Ethernet connection via iSeries Navigator, go to the Properties window and right-click Configure Logical Partitions, then Physical System, and Properties.
The Create Line Desc (Ethernet) command, or CRTLINETH, is used to create the new line descriptor. For NAT to work, two addresses are assigned to each partition; one of these addresses is the address that the partition will be known as on the external network, while the other address is a private address that will only be used on the virtual LAN.
A disadvantage of NAT is that the partitions never "know" their real (or external) address, because the address in the network packet will be modified before the packet is received by the Linux partition. All of the iSeries options discussed below can be found under Network, IP Policies, Packet Rules, then Configuration. Many Linux installations use the virtual LAN capability of the iSeries and then use Proxy ARP or NAT to bridge network traffic among virtual and real networks.

There is also a summary of information for native connections and Proxy ARP via Linux (not covered in this article). In other words, when bridging traffic from the virtual LAN to an external LAN, where the external LAN is built on 100 MB equipment, communication among partitions on the virtual LAN will be at GB speed, while communication between a Linux partition and an external client (or server) will be at 100 MB speed. Erwin provides education and enablement services for Linux on iSeries at the iSeries Technology Center. It is imperative that the systems are always available; otherwise, trains stop and goods perish. They choose MIMIX and MIMIX for Windows to replicate data and applications in near real-time, and to switch users between the systems simply and quickly. The company estimates that had MIMIX not been in place, the failures would have resulted in three-day system outages. But before you get too far down the Linux development path, please allow me to depart from program-related content again, in order to not only expand your Linux networking capabilities but also to expand your application development opportunities. Virtual networking in iSeries provides the capability of building up to 16 high-speed networks inside the system that allow communication among the partitions. Enter the command DSPHDWRSC *CMN to display a list of the communication resources on the system. Configuration of Linux networking will be accomplished the same as any other Linux networking.
Besides, how many times in your career have you run into a systems administrator who has wanted to write code? This article explores a variety of methods for bridging the virtual Ethernet connections to external Internet connections. Won't it be nice to turn the tables and show your administrator the various methods used to network your Linux partition--and which method might be best?

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