Google search on Windows Mobile just got a whole lot better with the inclusion of My Location services.
Check out the full list here to see if you have a compatible mobile phone or better yet, try it out for yourself when you're in the US or UK by doing a Google search on your phone's browser.
While the service may still be limited at the moment, it probably won’t be long though before it becomes available in other regions as well.
The goal of HomeSwing is to be the most accurate & easiest-to-use real estate search available. Ask questions and schedule showings of your favorite homes with a local real estate pro, whether you're at home or out and about. Use HomeSwing's location-based search to discover hidden gems that could literally be right around the corner from you.
HomeSwing is a real estate search portal that delivers accurate and timely real estate listings. Once your location's weather has loaded in your web browser, your location ID will be visible in the address bar of your browser.

You ask for something that’s basically impossible with the current Facebook, but is exactly the kind of thing you can do with the new Graph Search capability fi you have it. The good news is that it’s really easily to identify who is who on the final list so with just a tiny bit of work you can indeed build up a list of people who are your Facebook friends and are located in a specific geographic area. Maybe that inconsistency is why Facebook graph search is coming to the forefront right now.
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It's a location-based service that makes use of the same cell-ID technology behind Google Maps for Mobile.
This makes searching for local content and places more accessible for the modern jet setter.
Unfortunately, not all Windows Mobile-based devices are supported at the moment and the service is currently limited to the US and UK only. Even though there are over a billion searches on Facebook each and every day, I think a lot of people don’t realize that the input box at the top of the page is a search engine, not just a way to jump to your favorite fan page or group.

As soon as I have access, I’ll be writing about what it is, how to use it, and what interesting capabilities it offers us users.
Most of the supported units are HTC models and several Samsung units because they have cell-ID activated in them. Others models may also be supported, but I guess those included in the list are the only ones that have been tested by Google. I don’t want some weird and incomplete list that contains non-friends that I have to weed through one at a time. I want exactly the following: ALL people who ARE my friends and whose CURRENT CITY is a specific place.

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