This Phone Extractor software can extract numbers from multiple document files simultaneously.
The tool can extract numbers from word, excel, pdf, publisher and powerpoint files of different formats. This is a smart Phone number extractor tool developed to help the user to extract phone numbers in bulk from different types of files like Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Text files.
Provides filter options to set criteria for extraction and extract numbers relevant to it.

This is simply because business communication depends heavily on mobiles today and telemarketing and SMS marketing have earned acceptance as valuable marketing tools. Offices rely heavily on mobiles for start, continuance and end of business communication process.
Telemarketing and SMS marketing is virtually impossible without constant supply of phone and mobile numbers.
This tool can easily maintain this supply by extracting hundred’s of numbers from multiple files within minutes.

The tool provides whole lot of advanced features to facilitate seamless extraction of phone numbers. Advanced filter options provided in the software can be employed to set criteria for extraction and extract phone and mobile numbers relevant to it.

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