There are now over 200 million numbers that are marked as unlisted, unknown or unpublished in other caller identification databases. Cell Phone Registry has added an unlisted reverse mobile phone number search tool to its website online. Parents can search the phone records of a minor child that is on a shared phone plan using this new tool available. The Cell Phone Registry website was launched in 2009 to provide immediate access to public phone records for online searching.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This new search feature is making it possible to search millions of phone numbers that are currently unpublished or unlisted in traditional Caller ID systems. This new tool is helping to locate unpublished and unlisted numbers through this new database. The information that is gathered, sorted and stored inside of the new company database is acquired from private and from public sources. As a lookup tool, the data that is supplied can be used to screen calls that come in to a person's phone.
An assortment of criteria can be used to search for the owner of a number using this new system. This company has expanded its services and now includes more detailed reports, millions of numbers and an easy to use online interface.
This service is now offered as an alternative to a regular Caller ID system that could be incomplete or have outdated data. A premium plan is now offered that makes it possible to search unlimited records for an entire year. The preliminary and premium search features that are offered by this company help adults to locate, verify and compare a range of U.S.
A person that receives prank calls or suspicious phone calls could now use the search tool to retrieve phone carrier information, mailing address and first or last name data of a caller.
This affordable plan is a cost effective solution to have the protection that these public records can provide. The Cell Phone Registry website offers its online services as an alternative to traditional Caller ID services that can often have incomplete data.
Microsoft has mandated that handset makers must adhere to a strict handset design spec that requires a standardized, three-key layout. The Start key takes you back to you Start Screen (more on that later) and it’s the central point from which you navigate throughout WP7. You get at-a-glance information on signal strength, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, battery level, time, date, calendar events, and missed calls and pending messages. You can also setup a lockscreen password for added security.The best part of the lockscreen is that you can see your pending messages and upcoming calendar events without having to fire up the email or calendar apps. The Start screen tiles give access to everything from basic phone functions to apps to webpages.
All windows have kinetic scrolling enabled – allowing you to quickly scroll through a list with a flick of a finger, using the momentum of your flick to scroll through the list. You can rearrange tiles by tapping and holding on a tile and then moving it to the desired location on the homescreen.
You can still download videos through Zune on your PC and then transfer the video to your handset via tethered or WiFi sync.Social NetworkingFacebook and Windows Live are the only social networks that are natively integrated into Windows Phone 7.
Unfortunately, Twitter integration is still in development and will be rolled out through an over-the-air update.The idea behind Windows Phone 7 is that it puts all your information within easy reach. That includes all your and your friends’ status updates, photo uploads and comments. All your friends’ comments and status updates are available as part of the People tile.
If you have multiple contacts cards for the same person (say you have info in Facebook as well as Google Contacts), you can link both cards to the same contact in Windows Phone 7. That way, you can view a combination of all the information across multiple contact cards in a single view.

And then there’s the visual appeal of a calendar set against a simple, black background.
Thanks to the panoramic hub, Pictures are mostly presented in an intuitive and convenient fashion. Even cooler, pictures that your friends upload to their Facebook accounts are also automatically pulled into the Pictures hub.
We like it.You can also access photos that you upload to your Windows Live account, SkyDrive, and even your profile pictures from Facebook. One thing that we had a hard time wrapping our collective heads around was the convoluted organization structure.
Microsoft is good at creating confusing organization structures, and Windows Live reinforces that fact. You can also buy songs on the Zune Marketplace from either your phone or your PC (using a credit card that you link to your Windows Live account).
Macs can only sync songs and photos to a Windows Phone at this point.You can play videos through your the phone’s Zune Player app. Unfortunately, the lack of a scrubbing bar makes it tedious to skip to the end of a long movie.
From the Games hub, you can access all sorts of online games, downloaded games, check on game requests from friends that want to play with you in an online battle of wits, and even keep tabs on your Xbox Live account. You can see what your XBL friends are doing on their phones, PC or consoles, and even message them via XBL text messages. You can also brag about your achievements to anyone on your Friends list.The Games hub is also where all your downloaded games will automatically be stored.
When you purchase a game from the Marketplace, you won’t see the game in your Apps List. The game will save itself to your Games hub, where you can go to not only play your downloaded games, but also discover new games for download. You can choose to search the web for content related to your search terms, or you can search within an app. In apps with a search field, a single tap on the hardware search button will allow you to search for words in the app.
A second tap on the hardware search button allows you to search the web, as you would from the homescreen.The Bing Search tool will return search results for web hits, local businesses, and even news hits.
If you choose to dig into a local sushi-related business, Bing will serve up business ratings, phone numbers, websites, hours of operation, and even reviews and nearby businesses. WP7  will automatically start searching the web for any results relevant to your highlighted word.
You get full HTML email support, which means you can view emails with fancy-schmancy formatting and embedded images (you have to allow the email client to download images, thought – a spam consideration). Clicking (tapping) on the highlighted data will automatically take you to the phone to call the number or Bing Maps to show you where the address is on a map. With iPhone, if you finish writing an email and decide that you want to attach a photo, you have to copy the text, trash your current email, go to your photo, share it via email, and then paste the text back into the email. It’s better than anything iPhone or Android had to offer in their early days, and is almost as good as anything they have to offer today. Map data appears on the screen as if being uncovered by clouds, in contrast to the cold map tiles that Google Maps tends to load. This is especially evident when zooming into a portion of the map – it just feels smoother and less jarring than on iPhone or AndroidYou can choose from aerial or map view in Bing Maps.
You can then tap on the address flag to get more details on the location: business ratings, phone number, website, hours of operation. Most of the time, you just click on the underlined address and you’ll be taken to the maps app. Sometimes, though, if the address is surrounded by numbers or just formatted in a non-standard fashion, WP7 will fail to recognize the address correctly.
This is one instance where the lack of cut-and-paste comes in to play its nasty tricks.Bing Maps is the new gold standard for smartphone mapping.
The new Internet Explorer Mobile for Windows Phone 7 is swipe-tastically optimized for touch inputs.

It handles HTML5 without problem and serves up the same crisp, sub-pixel rendered text that makes the rest of WP7 look so good. In short, IE Mobile in WP7 is light years improved from what you may have known from the Windows Mobile days.The browser will support tabbed browsing for up to 6 different windows at the same time. Unfortunately, we weren’t really able to browse more than a couple tabs at the same time. Loading multiple webpages concurrently can be hard on system resources, and it seemed as if WP7 had trouble keeping more than a couple tabs loaded at the same time. This is a critical feature, and is one of the few instances where processes continue in the background. It’s got that undercover hotness factor that belies the elegance and poise of its design aesthetic. Hands-down, WP7 will give iPhone and webOS a serious run for its money, as far as looks are concerned. But, does Windows Phone 7 have what it takes to be more than just a pretty face?That answer depends on how you plan to use your smartphone. You can sync all your emails (with full HTML compatibility) and let you know when you have unread email sitting in your inbox.
You can browse the full web with the kind of multi-touch pinch-zooming interaction that iPhone, Android and webOS users have been enjoying for years.
Also, (contrary to what the article said), there is no HTML5 on Windows Phone 7, which will prevent you using many web apps.These early Windows Phone 7 handsets have too many problems to be recommended. There are many other shortcomings that will frustrate users.Windows Phone 7 basically is not ready. Take another look in 6 months time to see if Microsoft has fixed some of the shortcomings, though I think it will take Microsoft a couple of years to restore this functionality.
Looking back at Apple people went for the new and bold concept which is what Microsoft are relying on here until they start running. If you went back a few years knowing what you know now, whould you recommend an iPhone or tell people to wait ?“ Anonymous True but the difference is the iPhone at the time offered a better UX experience and App Store (a year out at least) than the competition.
The smartphone landscape is much different now and iOS, Android RIM and maybe even Palm offer high-quality experiences with well built ecosystems (well, maybe not webOS).The real question is: does the UI and UX on Windows Phone 7 enough to overcome its lacking features?
By this time next year though, I’m sure WP7 will be kicking all sorts of bootys and taking names.
Anyone considering this phone has to understand it’s brand new and will take time to acquire support.
No copy and paste is unacceptable as it’s a pretty universal function that comes in handy no matter how elegant the counter solution might be.
I love my Focus, but I’m not going to ignore the faults and praise it as a super phone.
Joking aside, the Metro UI is definitely streamlined and easy for me compared to the Captivate and iPhone 3g of my past, and WP7 has taken alot of notes from both Android and IOS to really make this work. This is definitely no Kin, but it doesn’t kill the looming feeling that if Microsoft does not commit themselves and listen to their userbase, it can die just as easily.
Microsoft specifically noted the devices are capable but it is up to OEM to implement the function Lack of Twitter integration (coming soon) I am not a twitter user, but what worries me is how third party programs are working. And by working, I mean there is some noticeable lag in scrolling and data aggregation from a lot of sources. That worries me Finnicky Google integration This is catch 22 you can get some good google integration without tying it to your hotmail account, but its not especially easy and most users will not go through it… No unified inbox or threaded email Threaded email is not a huge deal for me and neither is a unified inbox.
I prefer to have a separate email for my different activities and I hated it on apple Apps don’t persist in the background I think this will come with program multitasking in the Jan 11 update Most of the OS is optimized for portrait view (landscape orientation isn’t as ubiquitous as we’d like) This is something I was afraid of since the emulator days.

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