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I was in Ohio last weekend as the guest of the Akron Railroad Club, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. My Akron Railroad Club hosts Craig Sanders, Pete Bowler, Marty Surdyk, and Rich Thompson gave me a magnificent windshield tour of Cleveland railroads on Easter Sunday.
The first three came as Marty was showing us a location near the Cleveland Flats area, where Wheeling & Lake Erie and NS come together to cross CSX. Of course, my thoughts immediately turned to Trains Senior Editor Matt Van Hattem, whose love of Conrail as a son of New Jersey is well known.

In the afternoon after we spent enough time at Berea to watch several CSX and NS trains pass, then adjourned to nearby Olmstead Falls, where NS rewarded us with an eastbound and the fourth Easter egg, lead unit C40-8 No. Units still in Conrail blue number fewer than 200 on NS and fewer than 50 on CSX, according to some Web sites I've seen. The group kindly asked me to be its banquet speaker at the University of Akron on Saturday night, and I really enjoyed their hospitality and camaraderie. We saw a headlight in the distance and decided to pause long enough to see what this might be.
Matt, I almost called you to brag about my good fortune on Easter Sunday morning, but I restrained myself! While their paint is ragged, that touch of blue this weekend was the Easter Egg I'd been seeking all along.

As the power drew closer, we could see that it was a set of three ex-Conrail SD40-2s, making up a train of hoppers. Bookmark us for when you are bored, and check out 'top shots' and 'fantastic (editors choice)' in the menu above, you won't be dissapointed.
I jokingly mentioned in a text to a friend that I hoped the Easter bunny would find me there.

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