The study considered the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) on sperm motility (movement), viability, and concentration. Of the nine studies that looked at motility, six indicated a reduction due to mobile phones.
One possible cause is production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which could lead to DNA damage. So in this scenario, RF-EMF cause the generation of a greater quantity of ROS, or especially damaging ROS. A small amount of ROS has an important functional role in sperm capacitation, the acrosome reaction, and binding to the oocyte (Garrido et al., 2004). However, cell phones also become warm, and this heat could be transmitted to the site of spermatogenesis. Heterogeneity, that is variation between studies that is greater than expected due to sampling error … is an issue in most meta-analyses. The possibility of confounding variables influencing the results of the observational studies cannot be ruled out.
It is possible that studies that fail to show an effect are simply unpublished and if available would balance out the meta-analysis. The important outcome of this study, I think, is that a careful look via many studies of the effects of cell phones on a biological process known to be rather delicate (the making of sperm) shows only a minor effect at best, with much equivocation on whether there is an effect at all. There is the possibility that if anything is happening here at all, it would effect sperm quality in other ways, including DNA or chromosomal damage.
And cell phones kill bees and give you brain cancer and silicone implants make women sick, and vit-C reduces colds.
The heat thing I can buy and only for those silly enough to ignore the heat, because it aint the heat as it is the heat over time.
The research that’s actually needed is to find as many additional factors as possible that each reduce sperm count by a statistically significant degree, even if the effect size of each is relatively small. Recent Comments by ReadersChuck on A cure is found for CCDDsymball on Harvesting clean energy in citiesDesertphile on The Grand Canyon: Monument To An Ancient Earth.
As a meta-analysis, the study looked at several in vitro and in vivo analyses, combining the results, and using a statistical analysis to test the idea that RF-EMR has an effect on any one of these three variables. The results were consistent across experimental in vitro and observational in vivo studies. Five of the studies looked at viability, with four of the five indicating a negative effect.
Several different ways in which RF-EMR could affect sperm are considered in this meta-analysis. ROS are molecules including Oxygen that happen in the normal day to day course of biological activity in cells but that can increase in frequency for a number of reasons, including, and most famously, ionizing radiation. Cage is a dangerous out of control tough guy who has capabilities that the government (represented by Agent Augustus Eugene Gibbons, played by Samuel Jackson) requires for an important task.

My understanding is that this is generally considered unlikely because the range of RF-EMF produced by cell phones is thought to not be physically capable of influencing ROS quality or quantity. Experimental disruption of the flow of electrons through the mitochondrial electron transport chain has been shown to increase ROS production significantly, with negative consequences for sperm motility (Koppers et al., 2008). Sperm normally develop, in humans (and perhaps mammals in general) in a narrow range of temperatures.
For example, participant age and smoking status were not consistently reported, so it is possible that these affected the observational studies since they are known to affect some semen quality parameters … [S]tudy populations taken from fertility clinics, as used in many studies on male fertility, may not be representative of the general population, as they are likely to contain a higher proportion of men with sperm parameters outside the WHO reference range. The degree of effect is small, so if there was random variation in outcome and several studies on one side of the mean outcome are removed, a small effect would be expected.
Furthermore, the most likely effect is simply heat, having an object in your pocket that generates extra heat in a region where evolution had previously designed a cooling mechanism, a dangling scrotum that normally keeps the external testes away from the body. It doesn’t produce a coherent enough profile to receive transmissions intact but it doe receive well enough in sections to induce tiny voltage differentials. It has just enough sciency sounding stuff to sound like science and ties into vaguely understood concepts like antenna theory and voltage differentials to sound plausible, and it ties in nicely to the underlying theme of technology being destructive to basic biological processes in some essential but nebulous way. If they do you can come back and observe the origin of radio-energy driven bio-electrical spermicide hypothesis. Randy Fincham explains a new police campaign at a presser in Vancouver on September 23, 2014. In total, ten studies were selected from a wider range of studies (the others were eliminated for various reasons) across which a total of 1492 sperm specimens were analyzed.
We conclude that pooled results from in vitro and in vivo studies suggest that mobile phone exposure negatively affects sperm quality. Cage is tamed, in a sense, so he can carry out the government’s bidding, but at the same time he remains dangerous.
In vitro evidence found EMR emitted at the same frequency as mobile phones increased mitochondrial ROS production and DNA fragmentation in sperm, and decreased motility and viability ( De Iuliis et al., 2009). I had left some apps running (I think the camera app was the culprit) and blanked the screen. The heterogeneity in the motility meta-analysis was partially due to the differences in mobile phone exposure times, as the subgroup analyses demonstrated.
There may be something about men who keep their cell phones in their pockets that relates to infertility. Female egg production is very different from male sperm production, so the two cases are not very analogous, but if there is an effect on sperm it might be worth asking if there is an effect on age.
With one section having one potential and another having another, that may build or contradict the first, and the sperm traveling in turn through each section as if on a conveyor belt.
Further study is required to determine the full clinical implications for both sub-fertile men and the general population. When life first arose on earth, Oxygen was not commonly available and was generally destructive to the finely tuned molecular processes associated with living form (probably, and I oversimplify).

But sometimes those counter measures are not enough, either because a very rare form of ROS comes along, one that is not accounted for by life’s counter-measures, or because a counter-measure is simply overwhelmed (or otherwise interfered with). The phone sat in my pocket for a while and I noticed a very uncomfortable sensation of increased heat.
The high heterogeneity and relatively low number of studies also precluded meaningful assessment of publication bias… However, sensitivity analyses demonstrated minimal differences when individual studies were excluded, with a tendency for our results to be conservative. That seems like a strange idea, but if, for example, thermal effects are important, simply keeping numerous objects in one’s pockets could affect air flow and heat distribution in and near the nether regions. But life processes tended to release oxygen from molecules in which it was more or less safely sequestered. Imprisoned highly capable and dangerous bad guys are given a chance to play a useful role; they are needed because of there capabilities, but their capabilities are dangerous ones, so their exploitation comes with a risk.
One is that the RF-EMF excites molecules at the site of spermatogenesis, increasing temperatures. There is no control here; there is not a study of men who keep objects that are identical to cell phones but electronically inert (placebo-phones, if you will) in their pockets. Affecting molecular activity with radio waves might be a thing, and an area of future research and the possible development of medical diagnosis or even treatment. By and by life processes evolved that handled oxygen by re-sequestering it, life processes evolved that made use of the highly reactive nature of oxygen. The exploitation of one of nature’s most dangerous elements, oxygen, provides life with some incredible capabilities, but as a risk.
RF-EMF in the range emitted by cell phones can certainly do this if there is enough energy. Perhaps men who keep their cell phones on belt clips represent the higher-sperm production men while those who keep their cell phones hidden away have lower sperm production.
A control study that looks at external cell phone attachment devices, and probably pocket protectors and other paraphernalia, in relation to fertility and overall manliness would be … well, probably not fundable so forget it. It seems that more study is merited, but for interesting academic reasons and not because this is a clear and present danger.
Were it not minimal we would be slowly cooking our hands and faces while we talked on the phone.
Still, at least one study cited by Adams et all shows an increase in heat of people’s faces while they are taking on a cell phone. It is possible that a very small effect that normally has no biological significance would affect sperm production because it is sensitive to heat changes.

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