SnapchatDB, an unofficial site run by an anonymous individual or group, allows open access to two files — one an SQL dump, one CSV text — that show details of the photo-sharing app’s users alongside their location. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. Security experts had warned the company that they were vulnerable to hack revolving around their user data. Also, the blog post notes that new members will be required to verify their phone number when they join the service. Our team continues to make improvements to the Snapchat service to prevent future attempts to abuse our API.

While this mea culpa probably isn’t what people were looking for, the update can hopefully prevent this from occurring again. At the center of the screen, swipe to the left to turn off the option of linking your username to your phone number. TechCrunch noticed that when new users sign up for the service, they're now greeted by a security measure that forces them to prove that they're a real person and not a bot by choosing which of nine pictures contain Snapchat's ghost mascot. Snapchat also started forcing users to verify their phone number if they want to use the Find Friends feature, and, together, these new security layers should make it hard for robots to start large-scale spamming users.A Sorry, spambots! Find Friends requires you to enter your phone number so Snapchat can match it against its database to help you find other contacts in your address book who are also using Snapchat.

We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support.

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