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The Japanese firm will sell its Xperia SP handset on the O2 network without a charger when it launches this month, though if required users can purchase one at a discounted price from O2 stores. Fancy a phone cover design Number 59 to protect your cell phone Sony Xperia M5, the rigid cover completely covers the contours of the smartphone! Excellent phone in silver color with box, accessories and more warranty.For SMS query me on this number.

One of the main features of the handset is its dual-function keypad that serves as both a number pad and a QWERTY keyboard for easy and flexible text input.
It supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity In addition to 160MB of internal memory, the phone also supports Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card.
The media player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ music and H.264 videos, and there are built-in FM radio and mobile TV support.
The phone also gets a 2.6-inch touchscreen with Transflective Display for easy viewing in bright conditions.

Also pre-loaded is software suite for reading and editing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Taking chargers out of the box is a small change that has a huge environmental benefit – cutting down not just on waste, but also the environmental costs of transport, storage and component manufacture.

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