Scammers are using caller ID to convince potential victims into picking up the phone by listing the homeowner’s own phone number and name on the screen. Willow Kauffman, a Castle Rock resident, cancelled her old number after it was compromised Tuesday afternoon. Kauffman’s answering machine picked up the call before she could, but she says the experience was jarring. The BBB says the scammers purchase lists of phone numbers and use spoofing technology to trick victims and ensure their numbers aren’t blocked.

The BBB says a good lesson here is never to trust caller ID, hang up immediately and never divulge financial information over the phone.
One of the ways these guys never got caught pranking radio stations was using caller id spoofing.
SpoofCard offers you the ability to change or spoof what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. If you have ever wanted to disguise your real phone number Caller ID spoofing masks when are placing a call.

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