The polar white Sprint Sanyo Katana combines all the latest communication services and a slim easy to carry design for on the go access. Easily respond to IMs with T9 predictive entry and send pictures taken with the digital camera to friends and family. Using the Sanyo Katana cell phone’s Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can free your hands to do work while receiving phone calls.
The 2.5 mm headset jack provides for more options for a handsfree solution for your Sprint cell phone.
All of the must have applications to help you stay organized are included with the Sanyo Katana. The Sprint Katana is available in the Polar White color as well as the following colors, Mystic Black, Blue Sapphire and Cherry Blossom Pink.
Control your music with external music keys and enjoy your songs wirelessly in stereo with Bluetooth stereo speakers or a Bluetooth stereo headset.
Keep up with your friends and relatives when away from your computer with the Sprint LG Lotus. The Sanyo Katana II has a phone book capacity of 300 entries and can store seven fields of contact information such as numbers, email and web addresses. Combine the Sanyo Katana II with handsfree solutions, such as wired headsets or Bluetooth wireless devices and increase your productivity. Never get lost when your with the Sanyo Katana II and Sprint GPS turn by turn audible directions. Find premium leather cases and stylish pouches that let you carry your Sanyo Katana II and its accessories in our Sanyo Katana II Cases and Holsters area.
The pink Sprint Sanyo Katana LX has a reflective finish with an external OLED screen that informs you of incoming calls via caller ID. The Sanyo Katana LX SCP-3800 is a Bluetooth enabled device that can be combined with Bluetooth car kits and Bluetooth headsets for handsfree operation.
The Black Sprint Sanyo 3200 is loaded with a VGA camera, Bluetooth wireless version 1.1, supports streaming multimedia and has web browsing capabilities.
Use the Sprint PCS Sanyo 3200 cell phone like a walkie talkie with Sprint service and connect with up to five friends.
After you sign up with Sprint, look through our available selection of Sanyo 3200 accessories and equip your cell phone with the latest cases, bluetooth devices and power solutions.

Other innovative Bluetooth devices for your car and office can be used with the Sanyo Katana. After you get your Sprint Sanyo Katana White cell phones, be sure to browse our current selection of the latest Bluetooth devices currently available. Multimedia capabilities, such as NFL Mobile Live, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store and access to the web make the Sprint LG Lotus a powerful companion when it comes to mobile entertainment.
Frame your shot with the external screen viewfinder and share your memories with Sprint Picture Mail.
Sprint One Click lets you customize shortcuts so that you can instantly launch your favorite apps. The Black Sanyo Katana II cell phone with Sprint service saves you money and allows you to pass on savings to a relative. Bluetooth car kits are compatible with the Sprint Sanyo Katana II and enable you to stay alert while answering your Sprint PCS Katana II phone. Many car kits are available that support the hi-tech capabilities of the Sanyo Katana II Sprint cell phone. Keep the Sanyo Katana looking brand new with protective accessories found here at 1800mobiles.
You can answer calls while driving and keep both hands on the wheel, or if at the office continue working while handling calls with a Bluetooth wireless connectivity range of 30 feet. Games and applications can be added to further enhance its entertainment and productivity capabilities. With larger screens and three touch sensitive external controls, the Motorola Razr VE20 provides instant access to the Motorola Razr VE20 cell phone's music player, camera, text Inbox, and shortcut menu. View streaming content with Sprint TV and stay up to speed with news & weather, entertainment, sports and Sprint Radio.
Listen to your music wirelessly in stereo with a Bluetooth stereo headset or Bluetooth stereo speakers. All of your music, photos, and video clips can be safely stored with more than enough room for more. Have audible turn by turn directions, rerouting and interactive maps (Sprint Live search) at your disposal and never get lost.
Sprint PCS Family Locator and Parental Controls can be used with the Sanyo SCP-3200 GPS capabilities.

View stills on the 128 x 160 px main screen that can display more than 65k colors delivered to your email. To do list and calendar keep you on schedule, and with 300 phonebook capacity with picture caller ID and seven entries plus email and web addresses, the Sanyo SCP-3200 ensures that all your contact information goes where you do. View your favorite sites on the 320 x 240 px main screen that displays more than 65k colors. Customize the Sprint Sanyo Katana II with downloads from Sprint PCS service or create them using applications found here at 1800moibiles.
Professional and self install Bluetooth car kits can be found in our current inventory of Bluetooth Cell Phone Accessories. With the Sanyo Katana LX you additionally have support for GPS Location Based Services (LBS) ensuring that your never lost. Take pictures with the VGA digital camera and send them to friends and family via Sprint PCS PictureMail. Transfer your data easily with or without the wires via USB or a Bluetooth enabled computer. This gives parents control over cell phone use and lets parents know where their relatives are. The Sanyo Katana II combined with Sprint PCS services enable you to communicate while on the go.
Some Bluetooth car kit features include an LCD touch-screen, steering wheel mounted remote control and car's sound system integration. Set up Photo Caller IDs, ringer profiles and store a maximum of 600 entries in the Sprint Sanyo Katana LX phonebook.
With the Sanyo Katana II Sprint phone, you can take pictures, send multimedia messages and browse the Web.

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