Professor Jill White, Dean of the Sydney Nursing School recently visited Tonga for a very special event, the graduation of 20 nurses with Advanced Nursing Diplomas in the prevention, detection and management of non-communicable diseases (NCD).
Bombardier looks straight in to the eye at the global economic crisis by offering a super low priced Runabout –two and three seat option- scoping to attract the young entry level rider, the rental business and the low budget pwc entusiasts.
Bombardier introduced the all-new Sea-Doo Spark watercraft designed to make any family’s dream a great days on the water possible right now. The is no question about it that Spark is the most affordable Runabout on the market, costing clearly 40% less than he closest model and is the most fuel-efficient watercraft in the industry. BRP’s Sea-Doo design and engineering team developed a new concept for the structure of the watercraft to create the lightest watercraft on the market.
The innovation of the Sea-Doo Spark goes beyond the architectural design and extends into the new materials and processes used to create this new watercraft. Powering the innovative Spark model is a new engine, the Rotax 900 ACE, the most compact marine family of engines currently in the watercraft market. ACE stands for Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology and it minimizes mechanical friction at the same time that it improves thermodynamic efficiency for optimal engine performance. From a Pro Runabout rider's perspective, I embrace BRP's new way of thinking and feel it is a much welcomed change to the dry-riding, horsepower war currently driving the market.
So, will the new Spark be accepted by the personal watercraft enthusiasts who got used to all those hyper performance big and heavy and luxury Runabouts for nearly ten years now?
Many thanks to James Masterton from Sydney Sea-Doo in Australia for providing us his trustworthy feedback after testing the new Sea-Doo Spark. The Spark actually leads an entirely new segment of the Sea-Doo lineup designed for the young family looking for simple and accessible fun in a style, compact, and lightweight platform.
It is easy to maneuver, is ideal for short rides on smaller bodies of water and can still be used under rougher conditions by people looking for an exciting or more challenging ride.
It is economical to operate and maintain, making Sea-Doo ownership accessible to more households.

Named Exoskel, this minimalist architecture gives the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft an open-air upper deck appearance with a framework that consists of two forward swept “arms” securing the handlebar and rider connection area.
Over three years of research and development went into developing Polytec, a proprietary recipe of polypropylene and long glass fibers designed specifically for watercraft hull and deck applications. Designed specifically for delivering years of reliable fun, the Rotax 900 ACE is an in-line three-cylinder 4-stroke power plant featuring iTC (intelligent Throttle Control) system and CLCS (Closed Lopp Cooling System). This technology combined with the lightweight of the Spark allows it to become the most fuel-efficient watercraft available, with a fuel consumption that is less than 2 gallons (7,57 liters) per hour. It was developed by the Ministry of Health with assistance from Professor White, and taught by well-known local medical practitioners, including surgeon specialist, Dr Viliami Tangi, and Royal Physician Dr Sione Latu. It is simple, lightweight and made in such a way that the overall price was kept in a minimum level.
Its compact design and lightweight construction makes it easy to own, easy to tow with many popular compact sedans and simple to store. The Exoskel minimalistic architecture keeps only the essential structural parts in the rider control area and maintains strength and durability. Because the Spark is so light, its power-to-weight ratio is close to 50% better than the closest competitive model, making it big in terms of fun factor. In the beginning a pwc (Jet Ski) buyer was a summer loving, motorcycle-like thrill seeker who was athletic and enjoyed the playful wet ride of a Personal Watercraft in the warmer months. No fancy starting procedure, no beep beep sound when the lanyard is attached, just straight out simple, the way is 'was'. To personalize it since consumers can decide to select fully integrated accessories (chill shade, step and front storage bin, manual reverse kit, side protectors, snap-in fenders, trailer and clothing) and one of our 20 Attitude Graphic Kits that will make their Sea-Doo Spark watercraft unique to them. They completed the 30-week course in December 2013 and will be stationed at health centres and diabetes centres across Tonga, including all outer island groups.Their role is to identify patients at high risk of developing an NCD, provide advice, and help those with an already diagnosed condition to manage their illness. The point is that this pwc brings us back to reality when jet skis used to be easy to handle and easier to use.

It reduces the weight while creating a modern and cutting-edge design that defines the uniqueness and maneuverability of the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft. This material is a recyclable, low density, high-impact resistant, lightweight composite material.
In fact, emissions for the Spark are close to 13 times lower than similar models from the 90s and early 2000s while delivering the same pleasure and responsiveness.
As I idled out from the boat ramp (in Sport mode) I gave the throttle a squeeze I instantly felt the ski had what it takes to entice the old school rider back into the saddle.
Results from the successful pilot program which began in 2012 in five health centres, provided the basis for up expanding the NCD nurse program.
Spark is very interesting on its own since it reboots our memory to how Runabouts used to be in the early nineties where people having fun with them. Polytec further lowers the overall weight of the craft without compromising strength and durability, as has been proven through rigorous, heavy use testing in both fresh salt water environments including real world ocean impact and specialized crane drop testing. The Ministry made the decision to create a new cadre of nurses dedicated to NCD because these diseases are so widespread in Tonga.
I set up three marker buoys as a test track and quickly realized that this hull relied heavily on rider feedback. By simply shifting your body weight around the craft, you can manipulate the SPARK into regular cornering (although with a loose rear end feel) or a full 360 degree doughnut spin!

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