Shevaun Wright, a previous finalist and 2012 winner of the UNSW Art & Design Indigneous Professional Development Award, has this year taken out the $40,000 NSW Parliament Aboriginal Art Prize with her controversial entry, Site Specific Work [Suggested Corporate Names - Catholic Child Abuse Compensation Entity] - chosen by judges Stephen Gilchrist, Julie Gough and Liz-Mare Syron. Shevaun, who is also a practising lawyer, is on something of a roll, having completed a residency as a fellow of the Art & Law Program in New York, and also being asked to participate in the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program later this year. Winning the 2015 UNSW Art & Design Indigenous Professional Development Award (which includes an Artist Residency at UNSW and a solo exhibition at EPS Gallery) is Aleshia Lonsdale for her mixed media work, Significant to whom for what? Shelley Hancock MP opened the ceremony saying the Parliament of New South Wales was proud to have supported the growth and development of the Prize, and the opportunities it has provided to finalists and winners. In thanking the judges, Don Harwin MLC said that, a€?The winner of the Prize is always chosen by an independent panel of judges. Other speakers included Troy Grant MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts, Cr Paul Hawker, Mayor of Campbelltown City Council, Prof Ross Harley, Dean, UNSW Faculty of Art & Design and Norma Ingram, who performed a Welcome to Country. The Parliament of New South Wales Aboriginal Art Prize will be on display at the NSW Parliament on Sydney's Macquarie Street until 2nd November, when it starts its tour of selected regional galleries.
Winner of the 2015 UNSW Art & Design Indigenous Professional Development Award, Aleshia Lonsdale's Significant to whom for what? As a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous visual artists and abide by the standards set out in the Code. Samsung Air Conditioning Australia Get Samsung air conditioning and reverse cycle air conditioning in Australia online.
Employing more than 600 staff, The Hills Shire Council recruits people who have a commitment to providing exceptional customer service to our growing community while offering a flexible and family friendly work environment. The Hills Shire Economic Development Department provide a range of services, from general support on starting a business, to assisting large multi-national organisations relocate to the Sydney Hills.
The Sydney Hills is one of the fastest growing local government areas in Australia with a rapidly growing economy and population projections at over 250,000 residents by 2031. For afterhours emergencies relating to roads, drainage or trees or for any urgent issues relating to a community facility please contact 0412 705 090. For urgent alleged breaches of development consents or unauthorised work outside of business hours please call 0402 109 338.
For emergency dog attacks outside council's normal business hours please phone 0412 705 078.
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In a bold essay entitled (for no apparent reason) 'Bungaree's Circumcision of Australia' , Indigenous curator Djon Mundine has gathered together 15 NSW Aboriginal artists to consider the lives and influence of the Guringai man who was happy to play ball with the newly arrived Colonial invader and ended up being given farmland on Middle Head (in today's Mosman), being taken by Matthew Flinders on his pioneering circumnavigation of Australia to treat with the tribes they'd meet on the way, and was actually the first man ever to be called 'an Australian'. It sounds like a useful life embracing the inevitability of the new settlementt a€“ though the farming never caught on, Bungaree being much happier rowed around by two of his wives to fish or greet ship arrivals in Port Jackson! The Mosman Art Gallery proposed the project - and was funded by the Federal Government to the tune of $35,000 - and has facilitated many of the artists to have residencies on Middle Head so that they could get close to their subject-matter.
After appearing in Mosman from 1 September until 25 November, the exhibition then follows Bungaree's travels around the country for more than 2 years a€“ up through Lake and Port Macquarie (Governor Macquarie used Bungaree to introduce him to the first Annual Meeting of Native Tribes in 1814), Rocky and Mackay, round to Darwin and Bunbury, across through Adelaide to Launceston and back to Canberra before coming home with new insights into Bungaree from Indigenous artists as it travels.
Amazingly, there are 18 contemporary portraits of Bungaree extant a€“ more than any other individual in early Sydney. We also now know that his father died in 1906 and that Harry was living with his widowed mother at 50 Bengal Street, Bradford at the time of the 1911 Census. Also known that he married Edith Parker on 29 Nov 1913 in Bradford (still living at 50 Bengal Street).
However the Army records state that Harry was living at 11 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh by June 1917 but his wife Edith (and three year old Margaret?) was living across the city at 36 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh.
Thought to have lived in Victoria - possibly Melbourne - and perhaps was once employed by the city council.
Harry and Eva possibly had a son, his name might have been Sidney, and he took his mother's surname.

The Australian Voters Register to 1936 came online and had a Harry Sheeky entry in the Riverina district. With the kind help of Val Hardman at the Deniliquin Genealogy Society it was possible to find Harry’s grave and make a personal visit in November 2008. Quite a few people remember Harry and it seems he was a pleasant person who was, at some time, definately boots or groom at the Federal Hotel. In Perrins Diary (Undertaker) the entry reads - 16th Nov Harry (Tish) Sheeky aged 78 years iron peg 498D (note - now plot B36). These new facts clearly tie in the names Eva and Sydney Catton with the right places (Bradford and Australia) in the right time frame and provide with link to Sheeky.
18-May-2009 - the birth certificate did confirm it was the same Sydney and that his mother’s name was indeed Eva. 22-May-2009 - The requested marriage certificate arrived to confirm the ages and fathers of Arthur and Eva.
Further News - thanks to Steve Weir14-Aug-2009Searches of shipping lists have provided some new information that ties-in with earlier memories. Update 8-Oct-2010Checking through the Australian Electoral Rolls I found an entry for Sydney Sheeky Catton dated 1954 in the Farrer Electoral Division of New South Wales.
Update 17-Nov-2010Access to the 1954 Australian Electoral Rolls revealed the details that were missing before -Kathleen June Catton, Lot 26 Fernleigh Road, Wagga Wagga, NSWSydney Sheeky Catton, 58 Flinders Street, Wagga Wagga, NSWSo Sydney & Kathleen were living near to Deniliquin in 1954 - near in Australian terms that is - being around 150 miles (240 kms) away. Back in England Sydney’s mother, Eva, appears as an arrival back in London traveling from Sydney on 15-Jan-1949.
Update 3-Jan-2012An e-mail from Queensland, Australia today confirmed that Sydney had surviving family - so that brings this long search up to the present day and fills in a long-standing gap in the family tree. Update 3-Oct-2012A random check on one of the Ancestry web sites - looking for anything about the Sheeky families - found that another family researcher had sent in a family tree that included more about this particular Edwards family.
Each year, the judges select a diverse exhibition of finalist works and the 2015 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art prize is no exceptiona€?. This growth illustrates the opportunities that exist for businesses strategically positioned in the North West Growth Corridor, with great access to all areas of Sydney and transport links.
Medical devices that are approved for use in Australia have been entered into a national database called the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), which is maintained by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). But Mundine points out the problems for more political minds today: a€?Contemporary Aboriginal people struggle with our colonial period antecedents.
The artists involved are Francis Belle-Parker, Merv Bishop, Daniel Boyd, Karla Dickens, Fiona Foley, Adam Hill, Warwick Keen, Gary Lee, Danie Mellor, Peter McKenzie, Caroline Oakley, Rea, Gordon Syron, Leanne Tobin and Jason Wing.
It was also the age of a€?discoverya€™, the age of plagues, also the age of colonization, and the new age of slavery along race lines. It impressed with the power and control of naming, to a large degree ignoring the idea that these societies may have already mapped the land themselves, and had their own taxonomy and methods of maintaining its memory. Also now known that Henry, his elder brother, had died soon after birth (July 1889) and that this Henry's twin sister Mary had died in 1890 aged 1. However the name situation was not helped by the church marriage record giving his name as Henry. Harry was apparently working as a switchboard attendant at the Leith Corporation electricity works by then.
And some suggestions that he might have held a similar position at the Court House Hotel but he did live there for some years. The obvious conclusion being that this Eva and Sydney Catton are the same people as those remembered some years ago by family members in connection with my grandfather.
But it did not provide a name for the father - so next it’s the marriage certificate that might provide a little more new info. First the address was 39 Undercliffe Street, Bradford which is about 600 metres from Barkerend Road (according to Google Earth). Not having a subscription to the database I then tried a trial-and-error approach for any K J Catton entries. And today’s research shows that there is a matching death registration in Bradford for the 1st quarter 1972 - even though it gives her date of birth as 25-Dec-1894.
But through the kind efforts of the Society’s Research Officer it was confirmed that the Cattons did not appear in the 1959, 1964 or 1966 electoral rolls. It stated that Harry Frederick Edwards (1902 Leicester-1987 Wentworth Falls, NSW) had married Margaret Fitzgerald (1905 Manchester-1989 Katoomba, NSW) in 1926 at Lakemba, New South Wales. Now they have been passed on to the Deniliquin Genealogy Society and the local branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) as part of efforts to document those that served.

The new design T1000S has a number of features that make it easy to use for people with vision and hearing impairment as well as with impaired dexterity.
You can ask the supplier for the ARTG number for the device you wish to purchase and search the ARTG for the entry. Were they complete cowardly sell-outs to the colonial invaders (and what would we have done)? Now there are many more a€“ including Merv Bishop's mock-ups, which extend the range: Garingal Man, Sailor Man, Farmer Man, and the mimesis Fool-King. Part of this development was to a€?discovera€™, list, investigate, and therefore possess, if only mentally, each new species of man, beast, and society. In Aboriginal society the world begins with the sunrise and a creative being traversing the land or sea, sighting and naming animal, plant, all living things and climatic forces, fixing them in landforms and sites.
Getting a copy of official certificate much later also showed that Harry had indeed been registered - and signed (?) as Henry. However by February 1918 Harry’s Army allowance was changed to go to 39 Undercliff Street, Bradford - an address that has come up often during this search. Fall” - the story of an accident to a Sidney Catton aged 27 (click image to enlarge).
This seems to me to be one year out given the 1st quarter 1894 date for her birth registration.
It has new improved adjustable ring volume and new adjustable volume control features for incoming calls.
To find out if a product meets Australian Standards ask the supplier to show you the certificate. Many believe so and dismiss the need for much deeper research (see Adam Hilla€™s piece a€“ illustrated - and hea€™s certainly not alone). Their addresses were 34 Malvern Street, Leeds Road and 235 Manchester Road respectively - both in Bradford. Many thanks - especially since this news ensures that I do not go off down a dead-end trail. Checking in the 1911 Census there was one family of Edmondsons in Bradford (at 114 Saint Leonards Road) that had a Doris and an Eva as sisters. Catton was in a bosun's chair on a city building at the corner of Pitt and Bathurst Sts, when a rope snapped.
This provides confirmation that this was the Eva who was the sister of Doris above - but does not as yet take us any further forward with the story of Eva and son Sydney. A binary of sorts has been created in some minds around Bungaree's contemporaries Bennelong and Pemulwuy a€“ Bennelong surrendering and being assimilated, and Pemulwuy resisting and dying in action. And looking at the online BMD indexes there is a death of a Doris Edmondson - aged 21 - in 1919 in Bradford. As he neared the ground Norman Isaac, a fellow worker, aged 29, of Guildford, broke his fall. Does anyone at 58 Flinders Street today know anything about the Cattons of over 50 years ago? Ironically in fact there was only a few years of extra life between resisting and acquiescence.
This would tie-in with the birth in 1898 of this particular Doris and possibly explain the entry in the National Roll.
He says he owes his escape lo the presence of mind of Norman Isaacs, of Cardigan Street, Guildford. Isaacs, who was working on the ground, saw Catton hurtling down, and raised his arms to catch him. The bosun's chair and Cation struck Isaacs with such force, however, that he was knocked down. Catton bounced from Isaacs's arms on to a rubbish tin, from which he slid to the ground.

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