Xtreme Locator can work with Zip codes in the USA and Postal Codes from over 21 countries including Canada, Germany and England.
Xtreme Locator is packed with features, like detail statistics and analysis and unlimited nesting of categories and specialty stores, while at the same time, offering reliable SAAS hosting. For the best Dealer Locator Software and Store Locator Software on the market, take advantage of our free 30 day trial  (no credit cared required) and see for yourself why the most successful businesses use Xtreme Locator to send web visitors to their stores!  Also checkout our IVR telephone locator here! If I could say one word to describe my experience with Xtreme Locator, it would be IMPRESSED!

Integrate a store or dealer locator within your website, Facebook, and major CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. They also have excellent instructions in the knowledge base to implement the locator yourself.
Here I thought we were going to be a complicated client with our unique scenarios and territory handling, but they treated it like if it was every day business! They customized our locator system to be fully compatible with the export data of locations from our third party intranet system so I didn’t have to do any extra work.

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