Telephone numbers in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMobile numbers must always be dialed as complete 10 digits, no matter where they are being called from. Caroline saysWhat is the mobile number prefix for England fom AustraliaWhat number do you put in front to call Australia from england mobile? The Australian country code and Australian Capital Territory Australia area code chart below gives you the necessary information for calling Australian cities. For international dialing instructions to Australian Capital Territory Australia, use our drop down boxes at the top of this page or check out our easy-to-use country code search tool.
15th Floor, 1503 Modi Corporation Hemkunt Tower, 98, Nehru Place New Delhi - 110019.
Discover the very best of Melbourne at Mantra City Central, situated within the heart of this vibrant city.
Located just 30 minutes from Melbourne Airport Mantra Ciity Central is situated in the centre of Melbourne city.

Small and compact but contains everything you need for a comfortable stay and so very close to everything you need in Melbourne. Don't forget to share our Australia phone book with your friends and bookmark it to help with all of your future international calls! Ensure that you prefix your Country and STD Codes to your Cellphone, Landline and Fax numbers, and please provide us your email id. Newly refurbished, this hotel is located in the centre of everything and is just 25 km from the airport, making it the perfect platform to launch your next inner city escape. The IDD prefix is the international prefix needed to dial a call FROM the country listed TO another country.
Australia’s largest designer shopping precinct, it is home to an extensive number of local and international designers, along with 30 unique food icons located within this architecturally renowned shopping centre.
From shopping to theatre, to delicious dining and more, Mantra City Central allows you to walk to the city’s main attractions, or utilise the network of trams to take in the sights.

If you’d like some local advice and assistance planning your holiday while in Melbourne, just ask our knowledgeable tour staff.
Mantra City Central is full of heritage charm, which echoes Melbourne’s history and culture.
Contemporary and stylish with original character features, the hotel offers a boutique feel with modern furnishings that complement the building’s history.

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