If you cannot find the cell phone deal you are looking for, or maybe you want to check the same phone deal but on different packages, i got you covered! 8ta, Cell C, Vodacom and MTN are offering aggressively priced cellular deals to attract new customers. Not to be outdone, Red Bull Mobile offers a starter pack at R4.95 which includes R10 airtime and 25MB of data. MTN’s S505 mobile phone and starter pack is currently priced at R79.90, making it one of the most affordable entry-level phones in the country.
8ta’s G2102 mobile phone bundle, which includes an entry level Huawei cellphone, a starter pack and ‘lunch box’, is priced at R99.90.
Political parties on Friday condemned the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s decision on limiting broadcasting of protests. This week you can score a sweet deal if you shop at Game, Dion Wired, Makro, Loot, and Incredible Connection. David Shapiro, deputy chairman at Sasfin Securities, explains why he is no longer an investor in MTN. President Jacob Zuma will be reviewing the transport benefits of his wives, and those of former presidents and deputy presidents.
8ta Prepaid cellphone contracts -These are voice & data plans for users whoe prefer to pay for their mobile costs upfront with no contract commitment.

Hybrid cellphone contracts – These are plans for users who would like to control how much they spend and split airtime across platforms. The fixed-line operator, which sold its 50% stake in cellphone company Vodacom in 2009, announced its mobile offering at a lavish function at Lanseria Airport on Thursday.
Prepaid Internet customers pay R1 per megabyte out-of-bundle, while data bundles are 25c per megabyte. Amith Maharaj, managing executive of 8ta, said prepaid products would be available at Edgars, Jet, CNA, Altech Autopage Cellular and Smartcall.
The network name is derived from the word “heita” – a South African slang word meaning “hello”.
These are the available South African contract deals for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – compared between MTN, Telkom mobile (8ta), Virgin mobile, Vodacom, and Cell C. If you cannot find the deal you are looking for, or maybe you want to check the same deal but on different packages, i got you covered! Note: If you are using a smartphone you might be on the mobile version of this site, make sure to click the arrows (or pointers) to check other deals, titles (MTN, Vodacom etc) are not showing on the mobile site. Download the store deals booklet, all Service Providers are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C).
What if a brand could be a catalyst for change, could challenge conventions and disrupt norms to provide you the freedom to experience a better, more fulfilling life.

8ta will initially offer prepaid services, with contract packages to follow next month in November. Users get one free second for outgoing calls for every three seconds an incoming call lasts, while 50 free SMSes, valued at 50c each, are given for a specific day when five paid-for SMSes are sent. Contract offers are valid until end of February 2014A a€“ make sure to verify the validity date for each service provider below.
Download the store deals booklet, all SPs are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C). The Xperia Z contract deal is not yet available from Telkom mobile (8ta) and Virgin mobile. A brand that stands for you in the crowd, acknowledging your aspirations and celebrating what makes you, you.

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