Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Contract deals compared between Vodacom, MTN, Virgin mobile, 8ta and Cell C. Note: If you are using a smartphone you might be on the mobile version of this site, make sure to click the arrows (or pointers) to check other deals, titles (MTN, Vodacom etc) are not showing on the mobile site. Apple fanbois and girls have been waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pricing to be confirmed by any of the mobile network, ever since it was announced that the sixth generation of the fruity smartphones and phablets would go on sale in South Africa at midnight tonight (24 October 2014). You’re going to have to move-it to secure one of the trade-in vouchers, as there are a limited number available and the offer has already dropped from R5000 to R4400 for an iPhone 5s trade-in.
Regardless of whether you have an old iPhone to offer up, the warranty is worth waiting for however. The coverage costs a once-off R799 for an iPhone and each damage incident is subject to an R800 service fee, however. A source in the telecoms industry has also confirmed that the cash pricing that leaked last week is pretty much spot-on. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more!
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You can contact us via this form, and we’ll be updating with PGP and secure details soon. This deal has expired - it was valid until 6 September 2014 and is unfortunately no longer available. Cell C will have special deals available for the first 1,000 customers to take up an iPhone 5 contract with them, according to information received by MyBroadband. The network has also confirmed on its website that it will offer the iPhone 5 on the launch date previously announced by Apple: 14 December 2012. Two deals were listed on a pamphlet that a Cell C spokesperson said they could not confirm or refute at this time. As with Cell C’s existing iPhone contracts, these deals include an additional 300MB of data per month on top of what is already bundled with the Straight Up contracts.
David Shapiro, deputy chairman at Sasfin Securities, explains why he is no longer an investor in MTN. President Jacob Zuma will be reviewing the transport benefits of his wives, and those of former presidents and deputy presidents. MTN and Cell C’s deals should be following later this afternoon (so keep an eye on the site). If you’re looking for a good option, check on stock availability at one of the official Apple iStores.

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