The Apple Premium Reseller listed contract deals for Vodacom and MTN that it will be offering, with prices in-line with those announced by the two mobile operators recently. Telkom officially launched its rebranding of 8ta to Telkom Mobile today (20 March 2013), and along with it, free Wi-Fi access for its contract and pre-paid customers under certain conditions. Existing post-paid and hybrid plans launched before 20 March 2013 do not qualify for Free Unlimited Wi-Fi by default. A quick look at the Telkom Mobile website showed that the BlackBerry Z10 on SmartPlan 100 includes Wi-Fi access, while the same phone on the more expensive Unlimited Voice contract does not get free Wi-Fi. Many of the contract data packages include Wi-Fi access, though the “Internet 5” promotion that gives 10GB data for R199 per month is one of the few exclusions.
Non-qualifying hybrid subscribers and all pre-paid customers can get free access to Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots by recharging their accounts with a certain amount.
In its terms and conditions, Telkom Mobile explains that multiple recharges over R50 during a given window period will not qualify for an additional bundle or extend the window period. Telkom Mobile subscribers will also be able to buy ad-hoc bundles to access the network’s Wi-Fi hotspots. Subscribers can buy Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi bundles through the network’s online self-service portal, or by dialling *180# from a mobile handset or Telkom Mobile dashboard.

Qualifying contract and hybrid deals have a fair usage cap of 10GB per month, after which Telkom said the speed will be throttled to 128kbps. Pre-paid and hybrid customers that get access by recharging may have a lower cap, as shown in the previous table.
According to Telkom, the Wi-Fi service speed shall be reset to normal speed at the beginning of each month. For users to connect to Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots, the operator explained that subscribers will have to set their phones to connect using EAP-SIM authentication. This will let the SIM cards for qualifying post-paid and hybrid subscribers automatically authenticate them when in a Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotpot, the operator said.
Telkom Mobile went on to explain in the FAQ that subscribers will also be able to connect a single extra device such as a notebook or tablet by linking its MAC address to the SIM card. Through social engineering attacks, criminals are convincing South Africans to hand over their one-time PINs – which can cost them thousands of rand. The 2016 Cloud and Hosting Conference attracted a record number of delegates, and provided a platform for IT executives and managers to interact with cloud and hosting providers.
Internet ride-sharing app Uber will decide on June 6 if it will keep its winter price cuts or hike fares again.

This deal has expired - it was valid until 6 August 2014 and is unfortunately no longer available. The latest MyBroadband speed test results reveal which South African mobile operator’s network produced the highest average broadband speeds. The latest MyBroadband speed test results show that Vodacom has the highest average mobile broadband speeds, followed by MTN and Telkom’s fixed LTE service. MyBroadband’s speed test service uses Ookla’s platform, and is hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. To ensure that only valid results are recorded, MyBroadband filters the broadband speed tests based on network information from the service providers.
Over the last 30 days, 10,393 valid speed tests were recorded, which showed that Vodacom’s average Internet access speed was 15.66Mbps.

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