The phone shuts off on me and requires me to often take out the battery and put it back in.
I have a "defender" case on it, and to remove it from the casing and remove the battery, then put it back in and have the slow loading time to get the phone back up and running is ridiculous. I upgraded from the older Bold (which I loved) and this phone has surpassed my expectations.

The QWERTY keyboard is awesome and the touchscreen is so smooth and easy to use - I love that I get the best of both worlds on this phone! The first week I got the phone, within 1 week I had to return it because I had a 'defective model'. However, when it comes to battery life, I found that my pevious phone, the Bold 9780 had a lot more.

Blackberry was the phone to get the early millenium, now it's a failure and cannot compete with the good ones, such as iPhone, and Android smartphones.

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