The My Account app helps you manage your data usage, as well as the data usage of anyone else on your shared data plan. You can also use the My Account app to customize notifications and to set restrictions on which phones have permissions to accept overage notifications. With this app you can check your account balance, make payments and monitor voice, text and data usage in real time. If you’re a parent, this gives you the option to manage data used by your kids and to select which subscribers on your account (based on phone number) are able to unblock data when notifications are received.

You can simply shut off data usage on the device itself, which is useful once you get notice your account is approaching its threshold. It’s a good idea to link your device to your home WiFi modem, so it automatically switches over when you come through the door. We’ll send you text messages when you’re getting close to your data limit, again when you’ve gone over and at regular intervals so you can avoid getting a giant bill. These texts also help you determine if you need to add some data for those busy usage months.

We’ll automatically send you notices at 90% and 100% of your data threshold – levels set based on customer input we’ve received. You have the option of adding additional notifications at 50% and 75% through your My Account App.

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