For Tesco Pay as you go customers there are a couple of great options: the Pay as you go with free credit tariff, or switch to the Tesco Pay monthly Capped tariff.
Despite the competitive prices, Tesco Mobile operates on the well established O2 network and offers great call quality. Tesco Mobile is a virtual network which is a joint venture between Tesco and O2 selling Tesco Mobile branded services in Tesco stores with a range of pay monthly and pay as you go deals. Tesco Mobile was voted the number one pre-pay mobile telephone provider in terms of customer satisfaction in 2008 and 2010 according to a UK survey on mobile telephone customer satisfaction carried out by J.D. If you want to use another network’s SIM in a Tesco Mobile handset you will need to arrange for it be unlocked.
The Tesco virtual network is able to offer comprehensive coverage in the UK population without having its own infrastructure.
Do not simply insert another operator's SIM card into the mobile and expect it to work without requesting an unlatching code from Tesco Mobile (note the unlatching code is not your PIN code).

The Tesco Pay monthly Capped tariff, offers all the values of a good Pay monthly tariff but with the control of Pay as you go. For those on Tesco pay monthly tariffs you receive triple Clubcard points for every £1 you spend on your monthly bill. The unlatching is provided free of charge after you have been with Tesco mobile for 12 months or more.
You receive a monthly allowance for calls, texts and data and if you use your allowance before the end of the month, then you can simply top-up as if you were on a Pay as you go tariff, so your bills will never be more than you expect.
Tesco Mobile is most well known in the United Kingdom but also operates in the Republic of Ireland and Slovakia.
If you have had your Tesco Mobile phone less than 12 months, they will charge you a fee of £20 to unlock the handset.
The O2 network which forms the backbone of the Tesco Mobile operation is owned by Telefónica and is the second-largest mobile telecommunications provider in the United Kingdom.

Tesco Mobile iPhones can only be unlocked after 12 months, there is no unlocking service on iPhones less than 12 months even if you are willing to pay a fee. The O2 story began with Cellnet, a joint venture between BT Group and Securicor, later becoming BT Cellnet then rebranded as "O2" in 2002. If your usage exceeds your monthly allowance, your phone will be barred from making any calls and you’ll need to make a top-up, but you will receive a text you to let you know at 90% of your limit.

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