Tin has a highly crystalline structure and when a tin bar is bent, a 'tin cry' is heard, due to the breaking of these crystals.
Alloys of tin are commercially important in, for example, soft solder, pewter, bronze and phosphor bronze.
Tin chloride (stannous chloride, SnCl2) is used as a mordant in dyeing textiles and for increasing the weight of silk.
In the days prior to the American Revolution, Pennsylvania, which was not only a Quaker, but also a pacifist, colony restricted her residents from crossing over the Susquehanna River and taking up Indian lands. Marylanders had no such compulsion and were more inclined to travel up a river, than to worry about where a rather arbitrary political boundary might cross through the woods.
William grew up predominantly in York Co., PA where he met and married Catherine Houts on 27 Oct 1778, on his 21st birthday. Whether William participated in the Revolutionary War as a soldier, or not, is unknown, but it seems highly likely that he would have. From subsequent US census records, John, at one point, stated that he was born in Pennsylvania, but in another census, he said he was born in Maryland.
In the first US census taken in 1790, William Geery is found with his family in Baltimore Co., Maryland. This last stay in Maryland was of a short duration and they were probably gone in the early 1790a€™s. They must have lived fairly close to one of the original settlements in that state, as Williama€™s oldest son, John Geery, soon met a young girl, by the name of Elizabeth Guthrie, who was about his same age, and who was born there in Madison Co.
In the mean time, William Geery and the rest of his family remained, at least for the most part, in Madison Co., KY.
William remained for the rest of his life in Madison County, KY, passing away there on 14 Jan 1838 outliving his second wife by two years, as Hannah died there on 26 Oct 1835.
William Geerya€™s older brother, John Geery, served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the War.
By the turn of the century (early 1800a€™s) the threat from the Shawnee Indians had subsided quite a bit in Kentucky, although the Creeks were still giving the settlers in Tennessee a lot of trouble. For several years they made their home next to his in-laws and seemed happy in this community.
Not too long after the death of little William, this family decided to pull up stakes and move to a new territory. They traveled down the Cumberland River to where it meets the Ohio, and then, just a short distance further, it merges with the Mississippi. After marking off his farm ground, John built a large log cabin next to a perpetual spring of water.
In the mean time, after Johna€™s move to Missouri, his younger brother, James Geery, who had still been living with their folks back in Kentucky, packed up his family and in the early 1830a€™s moved to Missouri too. Robert was born in Williamson County, TN on 1 Dec 1808, and was the second child in the family of John and Elizabeth Guthrie Geery.
Life was tough on the frontier for a young man, but his father needed him to help clear the land of most of the trees, and to plow and plant the crops. In the community near where they lived was another family, who had been their friends in Williamson Co., TN, and who had moved to Missouri with them. Robert and Sally were married in Ralls County, on 29 Sep 1831 and began building up their own farm ground in Pike County, next to the farm and home of William W. Robert was not only a farmer, but also followed the trade of being the local tanner of hides. No out-right military conflict resulted, but more and more Mormons kept moving into the western counties of the state, north of Jackson County. In time, the Mormons were expelled from Missouri, and in the cold of winter, 1839, many of them migrated back across northern tier of counties, on their way to Illinois.
In 1860, following the election of Abraham Lincoln, from the neighboring state of Illinois, the Civil War broke out and Missouri was referred to as a a€?split statea€? meaning that it was both a a€?slavea€? state, as well as a a€?freea€? state, and the people could chose which way they wanted to be.
Coming from Tennessee, the Geerys had southern inclinations, but not so much so that they wanted to kill anyone over it. At this time, Robert Geery was 52 years old when his wife, Sally Parks, became ill and passed away on 23 Oct. Eventually Robert died on 11 Jan 1899 and in Reading, MO; and his second wife, Catherine passed away some time after 1883.
RR Geery, as he usually styled himself, was named after both his maternal Grandfather, Reuben Parks, and after his father, Robert Geery.
After an appropriate sweetheart courtship of these teenagers, Reuben and Lucy were married on 25 Feb 1864 in Pike Co., MO.
Following the end of the Civil War, there was another huge explosion of the population moving west to occupy almost every piece of land that could be acquired. With the discovery of rich veins of gold, then silver, and then copper in a little known place that soon became the boom town of Butte, Montana, thousands of people from all over the world flocked to the newest strike zone to make themselves wealthy over-night. Reuben and Fanny had a young family at this time, but they were coming to the conclusion that their Missouri farm was not going to provide them with the life they wanted to live. At least with the railroad, their trip west was much less of a hardship than it had been for earlier travelers. Additionally some of Reubena€™s brothers and sisters came to Montana with him, or shortly thereafter. Reubena€™s mining efforts didna€™t pay off too well, and his farm, although pretty, didna€™t provide all that much either, but his freighting job supplied his family with their basic needs.
After his death, Fanny went to live primarily with her married daughter, Mildred Geery Travers, who had married Reuben Travers on 6 Jan 1892. The second daughter, and third child of Reuben and Fanny Geery was Cora Bell, born 30 Mar 1869 in Pike County, MO.
Cora grew up in a loving home where she was very close to her parents and siblings, but most especially to her only sister, Mildred. Sometime between 1881-84 a small group of people arrived from Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada. It wasna€™t long before big, tall Jim Fitzpatrick noticed the pretty Cora Bell Geery, and he began to court her. For her 17th birthday in 1886, Fanny Waddle Geery gave her daughter Cora an autograph book.

The thoughts of a loving and kindly father, who could see the hand writing on the wall and knew he would soon be giving his daughter away to another man. Jim Fitzpatricka€™s and Cora Bell Geerya€™s wedding was recorded in the new county courthouse located in Butte. The last two were twins, which were named after their mother, and her dear sister, who she sadly left behind near Butte.
Cora Geery Fitzpatrick, and her family were very happy in their Montana home, even though she was separated from the rest of her Geery siblings. Soon the family doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer, and there was not much that could be done to help her. Left column is for John (himself), his first wife, Elizabeth Guthrie, and his mother Catherine Houts. Right column has: His Mother, Catherine Houts Geery (entered twice) followed by his Fathera€™s second wife, Hannah, and ending with his father, William Geery. Whether William participated in the Revolutionary War as a soldier, or not, is unknown, but it seems highly likely that he would have.A  His older brother, John, was a soldier, and with the opposing British Army stationed in Philadelphia, a patriotic feeling filled the hearts of most able bodied Pennsylvanians, perhaps more so than from any other colony, outside of Massachusetts. Reubena€™s mining efforts didna€™t pay off too well, and his farm, although pretty, didna€™t provide all that much either, but his freighting job supplied his family with their basic needs.A  With that being the case, he moved their residence from their Browns Gulch farm to the town of Rocker, about four miles west of Butte, where it was more convenient for him to spend time with his family. Khai ni?m SEO – Search Engine Optimization, hay thu?ng g?i la t?i uu hoa b? may tim ki?m co l? khong m?y xa l? v?i nhi?u ngu?i s? d?ng chung ta. M?i khi b?n nh?p t? khoa vao o tim ki?m c?a 1 d?ch v? SE – Search Engine b?t k? nao do nhu Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask… sau do nh?n Enter, thi ngay l?p t?c s? nh?n du?c danh sach t?t c? cac k?t qu? tim du?c tr? v? t? phia h? th?ng. Chung ta co th? hi?u nom na r?ng day la th? thu?t c?i thi?n hi?u su?t d?i v?i cac b? may tim ki?m va d?t th? t? website c?a b?n cao hon nhi?u so v?i cac trang web khac co cung n?i dung, va m?i l?n ngu?i dung th?c hi?n 1 yeu c?u tim ki?m qua cau l?nh truy v?n, h? th?ng s? tim ki?m va hi?n th? website c?a b?n ? phia tren danh sach.
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1822 just a copule years after their arrival, much like Roberta€™s mother; and she was raised by her widowed mother, who died about a month after Sally was married. Waddle (sometimes spelled a€?Waddella€? especially in the earlier generations), as well as his son, George R. Nhung vi?c hi?u ro v? b?n ch?t cung nhu t?n d?ng du?c uu di?m c?a SEO thi khong ph?i ai cung bi?t va th?c hi?n dung cach. Va theo thoi quen, chung ta thu?ng xuyen truy c?p vao nh?ng k?t qu? hi?n th? ? phia tren, vi chung co ch?a nhi?u thong tin, d? li?u co lien quan d?n yeu c?u tim ki?m c?a ngu?i s? d?ng. Di?u nay ch?c ch?n la r?t ro rang, d?c bi?t la trong cach ngu?i dung va b? may tim ki?m “nhin” cac trang web nhu th? nao. Cong do?n nay du?c th?c hi?n b?i 1 ph?n c?a ?ng d?ng, g?i la crawler ho?c spider (hay la Googlebot trong tru?ng h?p b?n s? d?ng d?ch v? c?a Google). Trang web du?c index thong thu?ng s? luu tr? trong 1 co s? d? li?u kh?ng l?, va co th? du?c truy c?p va s? d?ng b?t c? luc nao sau nay.
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Geery, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the names of the heirs of John Geery deceased, and their places of residence are as follows: Robert Geery and Catharine Shotwell formerly Catherine Geery of Pike County and John G. Geery, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the names of the heirs of John Geery deceased, and their places of residence are as follows:A  Robert Geery and Catharine Shotwell formerly Catherine Geery of Pike County and John G. Trong bai vi?t du?i day, chung toi s? gi?i thi?u v?i cac b?n nh?ng khai ni?m va y?u t? co b?n nh?t v? SEO cung nhu cach s? d?ng va t?i uu hoa chung.
N?u cac b?n t? h?i t?i sao nh?ng website do l?i d?t du?c th? h?ng cao d?n nhu v?y, thi do la vi h? da s? d?ng cong ngh? marketing vo cung sang t?o va hi?u qu? – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Khong gi?ng nhu con ngu?i, cac h? th?ng Search Engine du?c d?nh hu?ng va phat tri?n theo cach d?nh hu?ng co s?n.
V? m?t k? thu?t, cac Spider nay s? d?m nh?n nhi?m v? “theo doi” cac du?ng link t? trang nay t?i trang khac, sau do thi?t l?p index theo cach rieng c?a h? th?ng. V? m?t co b?n, qua trinh index nay la cong do?n tim ki?m va “nh?n d?ng” cac ky t? cung nhu c?m t? d? mieu t? y tu?ng c? th? nh?t c?a website, sau do gan trang web v?i cac nhom t? khoa nh?t d?nh.
D?ng th?i, day cung la 1 nguyen nhan ch? y?u d? t?t c? cach doanh nghi?p, t? ch?c, cong ty… phat tri?n va duy tri cong ngh? nh?m t?i uu hoa SEO. Da co nh?ng th?i di?m ma cac chuyen gia SEO noi dua r?ng thu?t toan du?c ap d?ng trong Bing hoan toan d?i l?p v?i Google.
N?u ngu?i dung th?c hi?n khong t?t ngay t? nh?ng bu?c d?u tien nay thi toan b? quang du?ng ti?p theo s? tr? nen kho khan hon r?t nhi?u, va ph?n l?n tru?ng h?p do la ngu?i dung dang lang phi ti?n b?c, cong s?c va th?i gian ma khong thu l?i du?c k?t qu? kh? quan nao.
Ben c?nh do, chung ta co th? s? d?ng d?ch v? h? tr? co s?n Website Keyword Suggestions Tool ben du?i v?i r?t nhi?u g?i y v? danh sach hi?n th? ban d?u c?a cac t? khoa.
M?t khac, gi? d? r?ng co 1 ph?n trong h? th?ng website c?a b?n, day la noi t?p trung va trao d?i kinh nghi?m v? vi?c ch?n, nuoi va d?y cho sao cho d?t hi?u qu? cao nh?t, v?i c?m t? khoa c? th? la adopt german shepherd s? mang l?i nhi?u k?t qu? hon so v?i german shepherd dogs, n?u suy lu?n theo cach logic thi trang web nay khong m?y h?p d?n d?i v?i nh?ng ngu?i ch? hi?n t?i dang s? h?u cac chu cho chan c?u c?a D?c, nhung s? thu hut nhi?u s? quan tam c?a nh?ng ngu?i co xu hu?ng va s? thich ch? nuoi cho chan c?u c?a D?c ma thoi… Do v?y, hay d? y d?n s? lu?ng tim ki?m t?p trung vao cac t? khoa, c?m t? khoa trong thang, va qua do rut ra du?c kinh nghi?m cung nhu s? d?ng nh?t gi?a t? khoa va n?i dung cho trang web c?a b?n. Theo khuy?n cao c?a nhi?u chuyen gia thi cac b?n nen gi? m?t d? nay ? m?c 3 – 7% d?i v?i 2 – 3 t? khoa chinh, va 1 – 2% d?i v?i t? khoa ph?.
Ben c?nh do, con co m?t s? hinh ph?t n?ng n? hon (bao g?m vi?c lo?i tr? kh?i h? th?ng Search Engine) d?i v?i tinh tr?ng “nh?i nhet” t? khoa nh?m t? tang lien k?t gi?a cac t? khoa, qua do gay ?nh hu?ng t?i k?t qu? tr? v? t? h? th?ng. Tuong t? nhu v?y, n?u b?n co 1 s? lu?ng t? khoa ngang b?ng v?i cac d?i th? c?nh tranh, nhung bi?t cach s?p x?p va b? tri phu h?p t? khoa l?n trong URL nhu da d? c?p ? tren, thi th? h?ng website c?a b?n s? du?c d?y len r?t cao, d?c bi?t la v?i Yahoo!. Vi trong domain d?u tien, chung ta da gan du?c 2 t? khoa vo cung quan tr?ng la dog – cho va adopt – nuoi d?y, con v?i ten mi?n th? 2 thi ch? co m?t t? khoa ph? du?c d? c?p t?i, do la animal – thu nuoi. Do v?y, hay can nh?c th?t k? d?n s? can b?ng gi?a vi?c ch?n domain va tinh kh? thi c?a nh?ng ten mi?n do.
Do v?y, cac b?n hay c? g?ng d?t thong tin mieu t? ho?c noi v? n?i dung chinh c?a website t?i ph?n nay, khong nen b? tr?ng.
Di?n hinh, v?i Heading 1 ho?c H1 thi day la ph?n font ch? co kich thu?c kha l?n, va t?t nh?t la khong nen co qua 8 ch? trong th? nay, vi n?u khong thi ph?n n?i dung s? tr?i dai tren 2 ho?c 3 dong. Commercial quality tins are resistant to tin pest as a result of the inhibiting effects of minor impurities. M?c du cong ngh? thong tin thay d?i va nang cao theo t?ng ngay t?ng gi?, nhung v? m?t b?n ch?t thi Search Engine v?n con cach r?t xa con ngu?i v? m?t nhin va “c?m nh?n” giao di?n va n?i dung ben trong c?a cac website.
B?n hay tu?ng tu?ng r?ng t?ng s? lu?ng trang web hi?n nay la tren 20 t? (tang len theo t?ng gi?), do v?y Spider khong th? ki?m soat du?c hang ngay co 1 trang web m?i du?c t?o hay do ch? la trang co s?n du?c thay d?i ho?c c?p nh?t, va doi khi Crawler khong “ghe tham” trang web c?a b?n trong nhi?u thang cung la di?u d? hi?u. T?t nhien, d?i v?i ngu?i binh thu?ng thi vi?c tom t?t va khai quat toan b? n?i dung nhu v?y r?t kho th?c hi?n, n?u khong mu?n noi la khong th? lam du?c.
Trong khi di?u nay co th? la 1 chan ly khong th? thay d?i, thi th?c t? v?n la th?c t?, cac Search Engine v?n khong hoan toan gi?ng nhau, va n?u cac b?n mu?n ap d?ng vao h? th?ng website c?a minh m?t cach co hi?u qu? thi ph?i t?i uu hoa t?i da va t?n d?ng di?m m?nh c?a t?ng Search Engine khac nhau.
L?i th? c?a vi?c d?t keyword trong ten file so v?i vi?c s?p x?p t? khoa trong du?ng d?n URL la chung d? dang ch?nh s?a hon. Ma thay vao do, Search Engine s? ti?n hanh thu th?p d? li?u c?a website, tim ki?m t?ng ph?n n?i dung c? th? (ch? y?u du?i d?ng van b?n) d? khai quat du?c y tu?ng ch? d?o c?a trang web do. Doi khi h? th?ng khong th? nh?n du?c n?i dung, y tu?ng chinh c?a website nhung n?u ngu?i s? d?ng can thi?p vao qua trinh nay b?ng cach t?i uu hoa va ch?nh s?a thong tin c?n thi?t, thi h? th?ng s? rut g?n va c?i thi?n hi?u su?t c?a qua trinh nay kha dang k?, cung nhu giup cho website d?t du?c th? t? x?p h?ng cao hon. Nhung th?c ra thi ph?n gi?i thich ng?n g?n ben tren cung chua hoan toan chinh xac, b?i vi trong ph?n ti?p theo c?a bai vi?t, chung toi s? gi?i thich v? qua trinh ho?t d?ng k? ti?p c?a Search Engine d? l?c va cung c?p cho ngu?i s? d?ng k?t qu? tim ki?m, ch?ng h?n nhu: thu th?p d? li?u, l?p index, x? ly, tinh toan theo logic va s?p x?p. First 2 digit codes for Punjab State VAT TIN is 03, so all the Punjab State registered Dealer will have 03 as their starting two digit. Louis Missouri children and heirs of Mary Copelin formerly Mary Geery, and Jane Geery widow of the deceased.

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