You need to enter your PAN Card number but you forgot your pan card somewhere and you don’t know the PAN number. Before showing how to know your pan card number online, first understand what is pan card number and why you need it?
Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card by the Income Tax Department. It is mandatory to quote PAN on return of income, all correspondence with any income tax authority.
To find PAN you must know your name and Date of Birth which you entered at the time of filling the form. Know your Jurisdiction Assessing Officer form available in the Income Tax Department e-Filing website provides the searching facility to look out the complete name of an Assessee along with his Jurisdiction and other details.
It is a useful took for Auditors and Chartered Accountants to know the Surname, Full Name, and Jurisdiction of an Assessee by providing only the PAN Number of the Assessee, if there is no information available about the Assessee at the time of Filing his Returns. Let us search an Assessee Name and his Jurisdiction with the help of his PAN Number at Directorate of Income Tax e-Filing website without any restrictions. Enter the Captcha Code as it is shown in the Image in the Enter the number as in the image * field and click on Submit button.

If we have provided the accurate PAN Number we will see the following details of the Assessee. His local Income Tax Office details like Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, Jurisdiction, and Building Name.
Earlier we searched the PAN Card Number with the help of Surname and Date of Birth of the Assessee, but now even we do not know the name of the assessee only with the help of PAN Number we came to know the Full Name of the Assessee.
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My mom purse stolen in train and she lost all documents and dont remember her PAN number and this information really helped me to locate the PAN detail. You do not need any other details of the Assessee only with the help of the PAN Number you can search out the Full Name and Assessing Area of the person. And this is how to search the Full Name and Jurisdiction of an Assessee with the help of PAN Number. I write articles on Accounts, Blogging, Computer Operating, and technical issues and some of my experiences on them for students, beginners. I was trying to get my pan details as you given us in above link, but it’s unable to get it. I was trying to get my pan details as you given us in above link, but it’s unable to get it.
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