The Samsung Galaxy S has been out for a few days now and circumstances for it are beginning to arrive in the factory, so I thought I’d here is another few out to determine how they measure up.
Samsung Galaxy S cases vary from fixed leather cases, to lean appropriate silicon cases, although not all cases are created equal, and so I tried 5 of our most popular Galaxy S cases to determine how well they protect the telephone.
If you don’t want the extra bulk of a case, but nonetheless want to protect your telephone, then an InvisibleShield is a superb option. The PDair Flip Case is another Galaxy S case in leather, which starts from the top in a flip-action. If you’ve not seen the situation for you yet, head over to the main site to find out the entire range of Samsung Galaxy S cases. Our editors have compiled a list of the five most creative cell phone mods for your enjoyment.
Ever since Bluetooth adapters for Roombas appeared, Ia€™ve wanted to control my Roomba with a cell phone.

Sam Garfield managed to cram a Nokia 3200 phone into a standard NES controller after countless hours of hacking.
The select and start buttons were easy, and I simply cut them into the shape I needed with a pair of scissors. Pyrofer's nifty "Nokia 6230i Bluetooth Mouse" functions as both a computer input device and cell phone. Cell Phones, Mods, Video, Weird .You can leave a response.
FlexiShield Skins are larger and harder than standard Silicone Cases and add almost no mass for your phone. It has a non slip feel to it and handles all the back-of the device, making the camera free for one to take your photographs.
Thankfully, Mobile Processing wraps up the ugly details, like Processing does for normal Java.

Even though this isn't the prettiest mod, everything is fully functional -- including the speaker and microphone.
It’s a smooth lining that helps maintain the display of the telephone clean and free of fingerprints. As they do not add a lot for the majority of your device, you can easily make use of them with almost every other cases and handles.

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