In India, there are a range of taxi rental services such as Meru and Ola Cabs, to name just two.
Re: Uber smartphone taxi-hailing app makes inroads into India I used the Meru app recently at Delhi and found it very good. Re: Uber smartphone taxi-hailing app makes inroads into India I have used UBER and boy is it good!, Shining new E-class just a hundred bucks more than OLA.
Re: Uber smartphone taxi-hailing app makes inroads into India There is a similar App advertised in Chennai.
Bangalore: Uber disrupts Bangalore car rental market Just came across this interesting piece of news.
BANGALORE: Want to feel a wee bit like Vijay Mallya or Shah Rukh Khan, chauffeured around in a Mercedes or Audi A6, instead of sharing cramped rides in hatchbacks or low-end sedans? San Francisco-based startup Uber, heavily funded by Google, has checked into Bangalore offering on-demand , point-to-point luxury rides at rates that are just about 30% more than for regular cabs.
In other words, the only significant charge that Uber has over and above Meru's is the per minute charge.
In fact, Uber was forced over the past few weeks, during its trial run, to drop its prices from a base fare of Rs 150 and Rs 20 a km to its Rs 80 and Rs 18. So, its definitely worth taking a ride in an Uber taxi, especially if you know that the traffic on your route is not going to be bad. Originally Posted by LOL_FWD I hope they don't vinyl wrap one of those hideous advertisements on the car. Just to clarify on the vinyl ad plastered Mercs point, note that there is no chance of this happening. Re: Uber smartphone taxi-hailing app makes inroads into India Over the past month or so, I've hailed Uber cabs five or six times in New Delhi.
Chennai fares are pretty cheap in comparison The below is for a ride my family had on 18th Feb in a Merc E-Class booked through Uber. Originally Posted by kiku007 Chennai fares are pretty cheap in comparison The below is for a ride my family had on 18th Feb in a Merc E-Class booked through Uber. Kad je u svibnju bio u Zagrebu na OMGcommerce konferenciji koju organizira Netokracija, Uberov direktor za Europu Rob Khazzam nije htio izravno potvrditi da Uber dolazi u Hrvatsku ali je u odgovorima na pitanja zapravo najavio da ce servis uskoro doci u cijelu regiju.
Generalni menadzer, odnosno menadzer operacija i logistike, profil koji Uber trazi u Zagrebu, sef je Uberova tima u svakom gradu i bavi se sirenjem korisnicke baze, organizacijom i kvalitetom usluga. Rijec je, tvrdi nadalje Uber, o intenzivnoj poslovnoj ulozi u startupu i menadzer ce blisko suradivati s Uberovim inzenjerima u San Franciscu. Seapilot app, developed by True Heading and Stockholm Radio, offers professional marine navigation to all who want to explore the seas without expensive GPS equipment. Popular travel tool Uber is finally available for Windows Phone after being pulled from the Store in April 2013 due to a large number of complaints.
Sometimes it happens to anyone, when for example, you are in the mall shopping, it is hard to remember the bay number you have or the floor, it is nothing unusual actually.

HERE Transit is a useful travel tool developed by Nokia that makes it easier for you to navigate around any large city using the public transit system.
Windows Phone Area is an online provider of news, reviews and articles about smartphones, phone manufacturers, apps, developers and everything else about Windows Phone and Microsoft. With the launch of Uber in Pakistan, a lot more means of transportation for people have opened up. When the call comes, verify your account details and submit the additional documents the company requires to do a thorough background check. Whenever you feel like working, just get in your car, turn on the app and accept any incoming trip requests that popup.
Either follow the directions on Uber’s map or take your own route to pick up the customer and drop them off at the desired destination.
Check your account ever week for the automatic deposition of fares from the customers you dropped delivered by Uber.
That’s about it, as long as your user ratings are high not only will you get priority access to more customers but it will also help boost up the money you make.
Uber operates across 18 countries and 44 cities around the world, and India is the latest country in the taxi-booking start up's list. These taxi rental services have options of telephonic booking, online bookings and even mobile bookings through smartphone apps. The service currently charges a base fare of 150 rupees, while the minimum fare amount is 250 rupees.
Google's venture capital arm, Google Ventures, and TPG holdings have reportedly invested 258 million USD in Uber's expansionist activities, in a deal that values the taxi-hailing smartphone app maker at a whopping 3.5 billion USD. The problem in Bangalore (as I have experienced a few times) is even a seemingly small 15km commute can take over 2 hours! For a trip on Uber's Mercedes E220 or Audi A6, the customer pays a base fare of Rs 80, an additional Rs 18 per km, and Rs 2 per minute. If yes, this is much more useful than calling call centres & giving them the location trying to find the nearest taxi, especially if one is stuck in a location not exactly known.
They are not actually fleet owners but rather they connect you to fleet owners with excess capacity in the city.
Nakon sto je potvrdeno da, paralelno sa servisom Cammeo uskoro pocinju voziti u Beogradu, na svojim su web stranicama objavili da traze generalnog menadzera i sefa marketinga u Zagrebu. Uberov glasnogovornik Daniel Byrne tada nam je potvrdio : “Uber ima ambiciju biti prisutan svugdje. Pratit ce ponasanje vozaca, odgovarati za vremenski raspored, koristenje resursa, efikasnost servisa i programe poticanja vozaca.
Pozeljni sef Ubera u Hrvatskoj mora imati pravi mentalitet, odnosno talent u odlucivanju na temelju podataka, dobru poslovnu procjenu i biti jak analiticar. Not only has the launch of the international taxi service given people another alternative to service like Careem, they have also inadvertently forced other such companies to step up their game as well.

Remember the better your rating, the more money you will make, so be polite and courteous to all of your customers! Oh and if that wasn’t enough, since Uber’s infrastructure is more and less like that of a freelancing company, you get to be your own boss and make your own timetable and choose when to work and when not to.
In a pilot run that has been rolled out at Bangalore, smart phone users wanting a taxi can download the Uber app, available for Android and iOS platforms, and book a cab. It remains to be seen if Uber expands its services to include lower priced taxis in its fold as the Indian taxi market is extremely price sensitive and value conscious. This has the potential to seriously disrupt the existing taxi market, assuming that Uber will not increase the differential soon. Uber's USP is also its technology platform that connects riders to drivers though its apps. In other words, you get the same cars that you would have got had you rented the Merc yourself.
Zagrebackim taksistima nece biti drago, ali Trevor Kalanick ocigledno je odlucio osvojiti jos jednu regiju u Europi.
Mora razumjeti razlicite biznis modele, imati magisterij iz ekonomije, financija, inzenjerstva, prirodnih znanosti ili srodnih podrucja, relevantno iskustvo u logistickom softveru ili prevoznickim uslugama. Mi nismo samo jos jedna aplikacija i drustvena mreza, porucuje Uber, mi prevozimo stvarne ljude i stvari inovirajuci prijevoz i logistiku u cijelom svijetu. It is thanks to this competition that the social stigma of driving people around for just a bit of extra cash isn’t really looked down upon in our society anymore. Uber is following a top down approach in India, with the taxi-booking service currently offering only high end cars such as the Mercedes Benz E-Class, the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla Altis for bookings through the app. While the high end taxi cabs used by Uber seem reasonably priced for now, entering the mass market segment with the likes of Toyota Etios and Maruti Dzire cabs could allow the company to slash prices in a big way and be a disruptive force for the competition. I personally don’t know what has changed but people certainly don’t look weirdly at you if you tell them that you drive an Uber in your free time for some extra cash compared to the looks they would had given if you were to say I drive a taxi to make ends meet. Taxi drivers and auto drivers have to register with them and once they register, they are connected with the customer who hails a vehicle over the smart phone app. In any case, if you’re looking to join the Uber force, we have detailed the entire process out for you in quick easy steps. The fare is billed directly to my credit card and a receipt is emailed pretty quickly, along with a screenshot of the route taken.

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