The first step in creating a listing on Google Places is to check whether or not your business is already listed in the Google Places directory. If your business exists in the database, you must edit the existing listing rather than create a new one – if there are duplicate listings, neither listing is shown in the results. If you are able to edit the listing, try to make the listing as complete as possible by utilising all of the categories available.
Although Google has changed the sequencing of events – particularly with regards to checking for duplicate listings – my previous post on creating or editing business listings on Google is still an excellent resource on the most efficient use of the fields available for completing information about your business.
Google Places is an excellent opportunity to get your business on page one for location based searches, or even for those users who have informed Google of their location.

Google needs to receive a host of signals that it can “trust” your business listing is relevant and useful to Google’s customers. I run the digital marketing for the UK division of a global supplementary education provider. Google has been having some issues with its Phonelookup function which makes it impossible to get past the “Find business information” page.
So when creating or developing additional citations for your Google Places page is important to consider the concept of Trust. The problem is specific to Internet Explorer and therefore the solution is to start creating your Google Places listing in an alternative browser – curiously it works extremely well in Chrome.

Report the incorrect or false listing and then proceed to edit once you have a reply from Google. With the other categories, try to input the most relevant keywords with high search volume.

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