Why choose T Mobile, Verizon, Boost or Sprint when you can Get Free Cell Phones, the best  Wireless, Mobile phones and Deals, the  New Best 2013 Prepaid Plans and learn! Get a free $20 rebate, plus a free $20 gift card, just for ordering the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Straight Talk.
Simply purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 and get the free gift card from Straight Talk (while supplies last). Reviews of the Galaxy S3 by Samsung, offered on a prepaid, no contract basis, do not come that often with an unlimited bundle for $45 per month that includes unlimited everything, but that is exactly what Straight Talk, has to offer for one of the best new prepaid, no contract smartphones, that they have ever offered. Boost mobile recently announced the Android Samsung Galaxy Prevail and so far it has turned out to be a top seller.
This new Android Samsung Prevail from Boost Mobile should be protected and covered with durable silicone rubber to keep it fresh and long lasting.
Metro PCS Prepaid Android Plans – Metro PCS is a new comer to the Prepaid Android smartphone market. If you didn’t have enough reason to save over $800 a month, Verizon announces the end to 1 year contracts. Sure phone selection is not the best at this time and the plan currently lacks a true smart phone but if you want to save some serious cash then a few sacrifices are in order. Opera mini is great because it has the ability to render pages in both mobile mode and full html mode.  In full html mode, it gives you the ability to zoom into sections of the site for easy navigation. Opera mini allows for various setting customizations like full page view, font sizing, image quality and more. Like Opera Mini, it renders pages in full HTML.   The cool thing about this browser is that all pages are automatically rendered in full HTML. The UC browser is a mobile browser with a very pretty interface that does not support full HTML. Want to upgrade your existing Straight Talk Prepaid “dumb” cell phone to one of their new Nokia smartphones (E71 or 6790)?
You will now be prompted to login to your Straight Talk account.  Register your phone if you have not done so previously. Once you have logged in, enter your new ESN, give it a nickname if you’d like and select your existing Straight Talk phone. If you currently have GSM phone then the process will probably be completed within a few hours.
Both Cricket and Straight Talk make for excellent Unlimited Prepaid cell phone carriers but one clearly stands out.
Quite simply, Straight Talk by far has the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market.  Because they can leverage their Tracfone coverage area, Straight Talk has the largest coverage area.
Unless having an Unlimited Prepaid Droid is your ultimate desire, Straight Talk is your absolute best bet. Today, we compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and the now discontinued Straight Talk Samsung Finesse 810. AT&Ta€™s prepaid brand Cricket Wireless announced today a new addition to ZTEa€™s line of Grand X Max smartphones, ZTE Grand X Max 2.
Savings through activating multiple line services on one account means a lot to a family budget.
After recent announcement of LG Stylo 2, AT&Ta€™s prepaid brand Cricket Wireless has added another budget smartphone to its prepaid lineup, LG Escape 3.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced the LG Stylo 2, new phablet for its prepaid phone lineup.

AT&T owned Cricket Wireless has officially announced the Microsoft Lumia 650, a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced that ita€™s now selling its prepaid products and services through Best Buy.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless has added two new smartphones to its prepaid lineup, the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Amp 2. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced two new smartphones for its prepaid phone lineup. After the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finished, come back, use our contact us page and tell us about your purchase, to whom and where to send the free $20 rebate and within 90 days, provided you use our direct Samsung Galaxy S3 Straight Talk links to purchase the Galaxy S3, a rebate will arrive!
Sure you could see if it is at Walmart but even if you do, we hope you will not buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Walmart and support communist China as you do. Good news because the stock web browser is somewhat limited for anything other than casual browsing.  If you want a richer web experience then checkout the browsers below. The predictive text on the address bar is a great plus as it lets you enter urls quickly and easily. The interface is not as clean as Opera mini but pages render quite nicely.  This is another superior choice to the standard browser. Because of the ugly interface, we put this browser second though it is actually better, in our opinion, to Opera Mini. There are also a few things that are fishy about this browser which makes us think it should be avoided.  Aside from that, pages do not render anywhere near as good as Opera Mini and Bolt Browser.
Aside from that, this browser actually does not perform as well as the standard browser.   It also has some pretty fishy things going on. If so, read on because you will save yourself some heartache and a little bit of cash by following this simple little guide. There are no fees associated with it but you do need to be careful when and how you go about upgrading.
Again, this will save you a little bit of cash so you get your new phone and refill right as your current one is ending. They offer the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market along with the absolute best pricing. Much improved version from previous models, ZTE Grand X Max and Grand X Max +, features a 6-inch display and dual rear cameras for taking stunning photos. Paying for a phone service for a whole family that can count two, three, four, five or more members can be really tough, especially these days.
Sprinta€™s prepaid brand Boost Mobile is selling its version of Stylo 2 since last month while Virgin Mobile will add it on May 9, 2016. Earlier in February, Microsofta€™s support page has revealed that this phone is heading to Cricket but now the carrier said when exactly the phone will be released and for how much.
Cricket launches new $70 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and LTE data starting April 17, 2016. Cricket and WWW agreement will include WWE Network that provides live pay-per-views, scheduled programming, huge video-on-demand library and more.
Get free Straight Talk shipping and the best customer service from Straight Talk, using our direct Straight Talk, Samsung Galaxy S3 links and get a free $25 rebate! It can get a little annoying at times but it’s actually a great security feature as you know exactly phone the browser connects thus preventing malicious connections without your knowledge. For one, the Google page does not load in English which makes us think it’s working through some sort of proxy.

Even if you have the Samsung 355,451 or 401, upgrading to the Nokia E71 or 6790 might be worthwhile. While they technically have coverage in most states, most states only have coverage in and around major metro areas and is quite non existent in the west.  Also, their coverage is restricted to CDMA only. Because they use Verizon and AT&T, they can provide coverage just like the major contract carriers. They have changed that with their addition of the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790, two solid smarphone selections. Cricket Wireless Grand X Max 2 is available at carriera€™s website and in stores for $199.99, starting today. A Single line plans are definitely more profitable to providers but having in mind that just one family can bring a number of subscribers to that same provider should be enough for them to offer some benefits. A successor of the original LG Stylo comes with improved memory, RAM and internal storage, rear camera and latest version of Android platform.
Moreover, with $5 auto pay discount, unlimited service will be available for $65 per month.
Now that Best Buy is added to their retail distribution channels, Cricketa€™s prepaid service and phones can be found at more than 10000 locations across the U.S. WWE platforms will also expose Cricket Wireless brand through broadcasts on USA Network, live events and digital and social media. Javascript also performs very similar to a standard browser.  Another cool thing about this browser is the mouse like navigation and cursor the browser gives you. Another thing is that pages take forever to load, yet another reason to think there is a proxy behind it. If phone selection is high on your list and service is available in your area, then Cricket is probably your best bet if you don’t mind the pricing and lack of coverage area.
For one, it comes with a cheaper Unlimited Prepaid plan and for two, it has much more attractive features that the Blackberry Curve simply does not have. A And if families prefer to be free of leaving prepaid provider if not happy without any consequences, prepaid family plans are the way to go. Cricket LG Stylo 2 will be available for $169.99 online and in stores starting May 13, 2016. Anyhow, other than that, the video depicts the phone very nicely and shows exactly what the phone looks like.
While you can still find the Straight Talk Finesse on the used market, we highly recommend you take a look at the two new Straight Talk Smartphones by Nokia. Cricket already said previously that it will launch the S7 but failed to share details on availability and pricing. With competitors already having these, it’s only a matter of time before Straight Talk adds a touchscreen Droid. Today, the carrier revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available for $649.99 online and in stores starting March 18, 2016.
Also, customers who purchase the S7 between March 18 and April 1 will get a free Samsung Gear VR and a 6-game bundle. In short, Cricket plans leave a lot to be desired because they do not have a simple straight forward plan.

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