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Smart Cabin Crew is a coaching service that helps you during recruitment process to reach your dreams of joining an airline as a Cabin Crew. We primarily base our work on project orientation, recruitment process preparation and connection between applicants and employers in the aeronautical world.
The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing transportation systems where there are a lot of opportunities for well prepared applicants. Our experience in cabin crew recruitment will allow you to approach your interview with full confidence.
If you are having an airline interview as a cabin crew with major, low cost, regional or charter airlines in Europe, the Middle East or Asia then we might be able to help you succeed during your assessment. If you recently had an interview with an airline, wether you succed or not, you can submit your experience to us and we will share it here. The technological evolution and demands of the market have made the aviation industry highly competitive.

That is why, it's important that one should aim to show his or her commitment, enthusiasm and passion in taking hold of this opportunity to get hired. When answering a phone call from an interviewer, one must take in consideration the place where he or she is during the interview proper.
After the interview, it is better to exercise a simple yet powerful courtesy like expressing gratitude. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Our network provides opportunities and informations relative to recruitments throughout the world and allows you to apply to ongoing job offers. Each year, several airlines are recruiting so don’t sit around and wait for the perfect job! This way we might be able to help the next candidate going for an interview and you will also be provided with interview tips of the airline you are applying for.
The result of this process will be the basis whether to give the aspirant a chance to move on to the next application process or not.

However, because of how visual clues are absent in a phone job interview, it would take more effort for an aspirant to stand out and impress his or her employer.
The best way to do it is not by just expressing it over the phone but by exerting some effort and put your appreciation in a letter.
So make sure to use these tips to strengthen one's edge in the midst of job market competition. We constantly keep the questions and interview details updated by receiving feedback from previously subscribed members attending airline interviews and sharing their experiences with us. Remember, never depend your success on just mere luck — start preparing for it as soon as possible.

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