May 30, 2009 By Bank Deals Leave a Comment US Bank is offering Visa Credit Card with 12-Month 0% APR with No Balance Transfer Fee.
Travel Accident Insurance includes $500,000 of coverage when you purchase tickets for travel on common carriers with your Visa Card. Free Online Account Access to view and manage your credit card purchases, advances, and payments using U.S.
Hotels and and other industries want a piece of that pie that has proven so beneficial with the airlines and naturally, the path to that same success is by partnering with a credit card company – preferably one with few scandals or customer complaints. With so many options, and the fact there are new partnerships on a daily basis, consumers now have more choices when it comes to their financial products than ever before. The key, said Kisch, is to not forget to look at the total cost of actually owning the credit card. You can even personalize your Harley Davidson card and receive a complimentary annual account summary, too. Other rewards include $25 allowance per airline ticket and you can begin redeeming them as soon as you hit the 20,000 point threshold (or you can let them accumulate). Unlike other cash back cards, you have a few options available when you’re ready to cash in.
With all of these credit card offers, you’ll enjoy easy online account tools, including online bill pay, archived statements and the best fraud security measures in the industry. This bank reports your payment history to the three major credit bureaus, so if you use the card responsibly, you can rebuild your credit with this secured card.
This is a better-than-average card and finding a good secured card is tough and this is a decent option.

About How to Boost Your FICO ScoreGood Credit Scores takes patience and persistence and there are quite a few ways to legitimately give your score a boost when needed.
Actually, it’s a winning solution when the right companies come together to serve the right customers who can benefit from the products and services of the third party. The Harley-Davidson Visa rewards points can earn Motor Clothes apparel, genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and parts, service and cash certificates. Travel benefits include auto rental collision damage waiver, emergency card and cash replacement, other travel and emergency and emergency assistance services, lost luggage reimbursement and hotel and motel burglary reimbursement. Bank Secured Visa Card, which is from a large bank, usually have the best credit card terms. Unless you’re offered a promotional rate, the balance transfer APR is a variable 20.99 percent. The transaction fee is 3 percent for a convenience check cash advance; it’s 4 percent for a cash advance from an ATM, cash advance, or a cash equivalent cash advance. Here’s another thing I like that’s stated on the card’s website: When you’ve managed all of your credit obligations responsibly consistently for 12 months, you’ll be well on your way to a strong credit standing, and we may be able to move you to an unsecured credit card product. When you spend $500 during your first ninety days, you earn an enrollment bonus of 15,000 FlexPoints.
No problem at all and no worries about expiration of those rewards – they never expire.
Bank account, you can have your rewards moved over onto a gift card or you can choose a credit on your monthly statement. Like our Facebook page so you’re always in the know of the latest breaking news in the credit card industry and financial sector.

Your security deposit can range from $300 to $5,000 and you earn interest on it, which is excellent. Many issuers don’t want to go on record with that type of encouragement, especially since 12 months is pretty fast. Here are just a few of those offers that are turning consumers looking for better options into loyal U.S. Not all have them, but the ones that do build even more value into their offerings, which, at a minimum, balances out for the customer. The only kicker with this offer is the cash certificates can only be used at licensed Harley Davidson outlets.
Earn one FlexPoint for every dollar spent, double points in the one category you spend the most in, such s restaurants, airlines or even gas for your car. The fine print notes that your application could be denied if you’ve had a bankruptcy, are less than 18 years old, or if your security deposit is less than $300 to start. That said, you can use your points toward a new motorcycle – which is really a great bonus for those who like to feel the wind in their face and the sense of freedom that comes with every ride you take. Just don’t get a cash advance because interest on a cash advance starts ticking right away. You get those when you use your US Bank Flex Perks Travel Rewards Visa for charitable donations.

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