By early next year, the Border Patrol's busiest sector on the Southwest border was supposed to receive about 350 freshly trained agents from its academy in New Mexico.
A plethora of training programs for everyone from the Capitol Police that patrol the halls of Congress to customs officers at airports are being evaluated individually to determine how they will resume once a budget agreement is reached.
The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, a component of the Department of Homeland Security, trained 70,000 people last year.
In August, the first of seven Border Patrol trainee classes, each with about 50 recruits, checked in atBorder Patrol stations in the southernmost tip of Texas before departing for 11 weeks of training at the academy in New Mexico. Agents who were on training assignments have been called back to help fill holes left in the support staff, said Moran, the union official.
It was not immediately clear how other federal agencies were impacted by the training freeze. Have You Paid Your GOPHER TAX?Student Who Threatened Milo Yiannopoulos Is DAUGHTER OF CHICAGO PD OFFICIALElizabeth Warren Calls Trump A Money Grubber BUT WHAT ABOUT HILLARY?
PHILADELPHIA (CMC) -- The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency says it has intercepted a 40 calibre handgun and a quantity of marijuana bound for Trinidad and Tobago concealed in a stereo radio receiver.
It said that the discovery was made during a routine examination of outbound air cargo on Thursday. The CBP said that officers disassembled the receiver and discovered a Springfield Armory XD semi-automatic handgun, one magazine, and 10 vacuum-sealed bags containing a green, leafy material that field-tested positive for marijuana, the agency said.

It said the marijuana weighed 540 grams, or a little more than one pound and three ounces, and had a street value of less than US$1,000. Meanwhile, the United States has signed an agreement to provide Trinidad and Tobago with US$1.8 million for security assistance programme. She said the agreement allows for continued development of programs aimed at increasing citizen security by strengthening law enforcement capacities to counter illicit traffickers and deter violent crime. Dookeran thanked Washington for its assistance to the country noting that the support will better prepare Trinidad and Tobago to address critical threats of interest to each nation and the international community.
But that training center and three others like it that train tens of thousands of federal law enforcement officers each year from 91 different federal agencies have been shut down by the budget fight in Washington. That means the Rio Grande Valley sector, which saw a 58 percent increase in arrests in the fiscal year that ended last month, will have to wait longer for reinforcements.
Each class of academy graduates was scheduled to return to the Rio Grande Valley over the coming months.
In mid-September with just two weeks left in the fiscal year,Border Patrol had made nearly 150,000 arrests in the Rio Grande Valley sector. The full impact of a delay in additional agents was not immediately clear because Border Patrol's spokespeople were unavailable to comment due to the shutdown. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has granted uniform contracts to VF Imagewear, Inc., an apparel company that relies on manufacturing sites in Mexico for a “significant percentage” of its occupational garments.

20, 2012, to make “uniform and insignia items” for the CBP at an estimated cost of $6,157,997.57, and a ceiling of $8 million. The goal of these programs is to improve security, promote social justice, and counter the efforts of local and international criminal organizations. Please understand that comments are moderated and it is not always possible to publish all that have been submitted.
That way they can notify the agencies with enough lead time to get their personnel back to the centers. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat whose Texas district covers some of this stretch of border, has been among those calling for more personnel.
Dookeran signed the agreement that the US diplomat said increases cooperative opportunities between the two countries.
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