Basically, the primary difference among these three foreign birth documents that are acceptable as evidence of U.S. You can only obtain one of these three acceptable foreign birth documents outside the United States, and they can only be prepared through a U.S. If you were born abroad, and for whatever reason, your parents didnA’t register your birth with the U.S.
If your parent(s) meet the citizenship and residency requirements and you are qualified to obtain U.S. Any of the three foreign birth documents can be submitted as proof of citizenship on a passport application; the newest Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), the Certification of Report of Birth, or the Certification of Birth, because they were the legal document in use at your time of your birth. Has your name changed since your passport was originally issued and you don’t have legal proof of the change? The processing of your passport application may be delayed if you do not submit a photo that meets the requirements below. You can use Form DS-82 to renew your passport book at the same time that you apply for your passport card. A certified copy of the legal document specifying your name change (for example: a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, an adoption decree, or a court order).
If you are planning to travel within the next 14 days, you will need to make an appointment with the Miami Passport Agency by calling 1-877-487-2778 from a touch-tone phone. If you are 16 or older, your passport book and card will be valid for 10 years from the date of issuance.

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Visit your local publicly-owned airport and request a Fly Minnesota Airports program passport or contact MnDOT Aeronautics for a passport.
When visiting a qualifying airport, museum, or FAA safety seminar, participants must obtain a stamp in their passport. Gold Level Awards and recognition will be made at the MCOA annual Minnesota Airports Conference. Once I complete the Bronze level, can I continue using my same passport to the Silver or Gold levels?
Yes, once a passport has been submitted and reviewed it is returned to its owner and can be used to advance to the next level of the program.
At most of Minnesota's airports the stamp resides in the Arrival and Departure Building next to the pilot log book.
If you are unable to get a stamp at a Minnesota airport, please contact the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics. The documents fulfill the citizenship equirements, but youA’ll need to complete the rest of the passport application process and submit the appropriate fees, $80, plus a $25 execution fee for minors 15 and younger, and $110, plus the $25 execution fee for adults 16 and older.
There is no deadline for completing the passport program as long as the program remains in operation.
If you were born between November 1, 1990 and December 31, 2010 and your parents registered your birth, you were issued a DS-1350, which is also still valid today.

The consular officer will review and approve or deny your application; approved applications are forwarded on to the Department of State in the United States, who then issues a Form FS-240 (CRBA) in your name. Your application will require your foreign birth certificate showing both parentsA’ names, evidence of the citizenship of your U.S. This program rewards pilots who fly to Minnesota publicly-owned airports, attend FAA safety seminars, and visit Minnesota’s aviation museums. A child born January 1, 2011 or later received an FS-240, the newest and most secure of the foreign birth documents issued by the U.S. Because the laws are always changing, the document that was valid at your time of birth is still valid for you, even if it has subsequently been replaced by later foreign birth documents. Once you see the difficulty of obtaining acceptable proof of citizenship, you will understand the importance of immediately getting your passport.
After the required residency has been completed, your parent can submit Form N-600K, the Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322.

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