The Adams-Green Funeral Home is proud to assist families of eligible veterans in applying for the following applicable benefits.
If the veteran is buried without charge for the cost of a plot or interment in a state-owned cemetery reserved solely for veteran burials, the $150 plot allowance may be paid to the state. VA provides an American flag to drape the casket of a veteran and a person entitled to retired military pay. Veterans and armed forces members who die on active duty are eligible for burial in one of VA's 114 national cemeteries. VA provides headstones and markers for the unmarked graves of veterans anywhere in the world and for eligible dependents of veterans buried in national, state veteran or military cemeteries. Flat bronze, flat granite, flat marble, upright granite and upright marble types are available to mark the grave in a style consistent with the place of burial.
When burial is in a national, state veteran or military cemetery, the headstone marker is ordered through the cemetery; and inscription, shipping and placement can be obtained from the cemetery. When burial occurs in a cemetery other than a national, military post or state veterans cemetery, the headstone marker must be applied for from VA. To memorialize an eligible veteran whose remains are not available for burial, VA will provide a plot and headstone or marker in a national cemetery. In such cases, the person who bore the veteran's burial expenses may claim reimbursement from VA.

Eligibility also is established when death occurs in a VA facility or a nursing home with which VA contracted. Burial expenses paid by the deceased's employer or a state agency will not be reimbursed.
Niche markers also are available to mark columbaria used for inurnment of cremated remains.
Twenty year reservists without active duty service are eligible for a headstone or marker, if they are entitled to military retired pay at the time of death. Our free weekly newsletter provides insights, quotes and messages on how to help during the first year. Department of Veteran's Affairs has recently passed an action that will have the VA pick up the bill for disabled vets who require the use of an exoskeleton — more specifically, a ReWalk exoskeleton, a robotic brace-like contraption that helps paralyzed users (in this case, soldiers that sustained devastating injuries during their service) walk again. 10, specified that recipients who are eligible will receive the device for rehabilitative and assistive purposes and must meet specific height and weight requirements to be able to operate the electronic leg brace.
It was invented in 1997 by an Israeli named Amit Goffer, who himself was paralyzed in an accident.
In other deaths, claims must be filed within two years after permanent burial or cremation.
VA also will issue a flag on behalf of a service member who was missing in action and later presumed dead.

The headstone or marker is available to memorialize eligible veterans or deceased active-duty members whose remains were not recovered or identified, were buried at sea, donated to science, or cremated and scattered. It's also the first full-fledged coverage policy for robotic legs in the United States on a federal level.
Hundreds of military veterans came to the event, held by the Department of Veterans Affairs at their New York regional office. The memorial marker may be provided for placement in a cemetery other than a national cemetery. A weekend caller, however, will be directed to one of three strategically located VA cemetery offices that remain open during weekends to schedule burials at the cemetery of the caller's choice during the following week.
In such a case, VA supplies the marker and pays the cost of shipping, but does not pay for the plot or the placement of the marker.

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