This page contains a example of the most user-helpful approaches to validate manual input of data on a screen. TODO: Because there is a prompt in the field, JavaScript clear it when the user clicks on it. After a region is selected, countries specific to that region appears in place of the region list.
US Insula Areas (such as American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands) are included.
This field is sensitive information because it can be used as the basis for identity theft. Javascript onKeypress code is specified to prevent non-numeric characters from being entered.

EnterpriseSheet makes your data visualization easier, styles your data with colorful charts and graphs.
Your online spreadsheet: your secure spreadsheet running on your server, and you control all of your data. Rich functionalities: data validation, condition format, filter, auto fill and lots of number format to decorate your spreadsheet.
Lots of FeaturesEnterpriseSheet includes formulas, charts, format, conditions, validation, group, auto fill, filter, column data type and many more functions.
CustomizableEnterpriseSheet developers work closely with you to build your own customized online spreadsheet. AffordableFor companies of all sizes, EnterpriseSheet spreadsheet solution is affordable to buy and maintain.

Check EnterpriseSheet APIs demo and find how to build a communication between your existing system and sheet application.
Javascript onKeypress code is specified to allow only a dash (ASCII 45) and numbers (ASCII 48-57).

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