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For the second time now, TracFone has partnered with Dress for Success to help empower women land their dream jobs.
By now, you've probably heard of the earthquake that struck an area off the coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador last night. Earlier, Cricket Wireless announced that they will be rolling out a new $70 unlimited data plan on Sunday, April 17. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking to issue a fine in the amount of $51.1 million to wireless carrier Total Call Mobile. Prepaid mobile plans are a great way to save money on voice and SMS and that's true for data too.
According to news outlets, the 7.8-magnitutde earthquake resulted to a number of buildings along the northwestern coast of the country to collapse.
An anonymous tipster sent me a scan of a poster announcing the new plans.The change gives customers more flexibility.
The new plan is said to include unlimited talk, messaging in and between the US, Mexico and Canada plus data speeds throttled to 8 Mbps on LTE and 4 Mbps on HSPA+.Shortly after the announcement was made, T-Mobile CEO John Legere pulled a Kanye West move on Cricket Wireless through Twitter.
Available on both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA, these three smartphones come with an affordable price of under $230.Kyocera Hydro REACHThe Kyocera Hydro REACH lives up to its name. The penalty is reportedly for “widespread enrollment fraud” in which Total Call Mobile is said to be collecting improper payments made by way of a program that was established to give mobile users with financial struggles a helping hand. Here are my favorite operators and MVNOs (listed in alphabetical order) for affordable prepaid voice, messaging AND mobile data on U.S.
Work and play at the same time with the LG Optimus Fuel L34C Prepaid Smartphone , which provides the best of both worlds. Unlike Boost's previous Family plans, which were only offered at Boost dealers, the new ones are also available online.Current Boost customers can switch to a Family Plan using the My Account section of the Boost website. It has also accounted for over 200 deaths (so far) and many more injured by the tremor.International groups like the Red Cross, as well as local government services and volunteers are still continuing their rescue operations to look for trapped survivors and even provide aid to those who were injured and displaced by the tragedy. Currently Boost requires all members of a Family Plan to have the same high speed data allotment, either 1.5 GB or 5 GB. Legere sent out a tweet through MetroPCS' Twitter account to point out that the new $70 unlimited data plan offered by its rival carrier was actually "charging more for less service." The company then sent out newsletters informing them of why they were not threatened by the new unlimited plan offered by Cricket.

Follow the source link below to order before they sell out.The tri-cut SIMs work in unlocked GSM phones and offer 200 MB of data per month in 25 countries, including the US. The enrollment fraud was aimed at Lifeline, a program that was created to provide discounted mobile services to users with low income levels.The Lifeline program is part of the Universal Service Fund, and is being paid for by Americans by way of surcharges on phone bills. It has the capabilities and exciting features you need, with the affordability and simplicity you love. Especially since most jobs now conduct a phone interview as the first step to employment, the partnership helps women gain an advantage with knowledge and the resources they need during this stage of the interview process.With their partnership last year, majority of the 300 graduates were able to land a job through the Success is Calling program. Not to mention, people there are currently dealing with road damage, power outages, and a shortage of clean, potable drinking water. Starting April 20, Boost will let customers mix and match data allotments within a family plan. Scroll down the post for recommendations by network and level of usage.This post is constantly being updated as data plans and pricing change frequently.
The Boost site lets users schedule to switch at the end of the current month to avoid losing paid for service.New customers can choose a Family Plan when they activate their phone online, in store or by calling Boost. As they renew their partnership, TracFone hopes to reach twice as many women this time around.
Just like they had done in the past, US carriers have started to announce that they will be offering free calls and texts to Ecuador so that their users may be able to get in touch with their loved ones. Like all Cricket plans, the plan price includes all taxes and fees, even local sales taxes and e911 fees.Starting Sunday, Cricket is also offering a new $100 credit for customers who port in a number from T-Mobile and activate on a "qualifying" plan.
To help with Dress for Success' cause, TracFone has pledged to donate 20 percent of its handset sales at Walmart throughout the month of April. Credit's press release announcing the credit doesn't say which plans qualify for the credit but past credits have only been available when activating on a $40 or higher plan. While it's true that MetroPCS has this plan in place and has a cheaper price for it, you still have to factor in the fact that there is more LTE coverage offered by Cricket compared to MetroPCS. This is the same amount they aim to raise this year to give to the Dress for Success group. In announcing the new plan and switcher credit, Cricket president John Dwyer said, "Cricket has over 275,000 more square miles of 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile. LG Stylo 2The second smartphone announced by Sprint is the LG G Stylo 2, a device that follows the sleek and stylish appeal of its predecessor, the LG G Stylo.

This iteration comes as a refreshed device with a 5.7-inch HD IPS display with an embedded stylus. You'll be able to help give other women a chance to land a job by acing that phone interview! Additional high speed data is available for $10 per 1 GB.Unused data on the $45 and $60 plans roll over to the next month when the plan renews.
The G Stylo 2 comes with 13MP rear-facing camera with flash along with a secondary 5MP camera in the front with Gesture Shot. The port-in credit, which is only available at Boost dealers, was due to expire tomorrow.In addition Boost has some new, dealer only phone discounts starting April 20.
Additional high-speed data is available for $10 for 1GB good for a month.3 $50, $60 and $70 plans include unlimited calls (including to mobile phones) and messaging (including MMS) to Mexico and Canada, Canadian and Mexican voice, text and data roaming. Click the image below to expand it and see the details.The leaked scans I got today came from the dealer channel.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Completing the list of the three new affordable smartphones hitting Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA's stores is the Samsung Galaxy J7. The device comes with a 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display that promises to provide sharper text for reading and a clearer picture for binge-watching. There is a 13MP rear-facing camera with Quick Launch feature and 5MP front-facing camera with flash available on the device. Throttled speed after the high speed data allowance is consumed is 128 Kbps on all plans.Boost's $35 and $45 plans have a feature Boost calls "Growing Data". For every three on-time payments, which don't need to be consecutive, the customer gets an additional 500 MB going forward. From Boost Mobile, your options are:you can get the device under their Growing Data $35 Unlimited, $45 Unlimited, and $60 Unlimited plans.
Meanwhile, Virgin Mobile USA offers three unlimited plans that come with data and limitless music streaming.

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