The UML295 is Verizon's easiest-to-use USB modem, making it the best choice for anyone looking for widespread LTE coverage on-the-go.
Design, Plans, and NetworkPantech has achieved the best of both worlds in design this time around. The modem itself is a sleek, shiny black plastic dongle, with a Verizon-red light on top that illuminates whenever you plug it in.
Whereas Verizon's previous cellular modems have required you to use the archaic VZ Access Manager software in order to achieve a connection, the UML295 is truly plug-and-play.
It costs $20 per month just to use the UML295—you'll need to choose a data plan on top of that.
The UML295 is backward-compatible with Verizon's 3G network, so you'll have no problem pulling in a 3G signal when you're not in an LTE coverage area. Performance and Conclusions We tested the UML295 in New York City on a hazy day, head-to-head against the two and-a-half year old UML290 at 9 different locations. Charges Today"s Latest Cellphones, Smartphones and Tablets - Up To 300+ Recharge Cycles Over Product LifetimeWorks for iPhones, Androids, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc. I’m sure the new LG Lucid is aimed more at the first time smartphone buyer or someone who just needs a new smartphone and just does some email and internet.

I still use the Pantech UML290 all the time, but at this point, it's getting pretty dated. There's a status light on the front of the modem, which you can really only see if you have the modem splayed out and facing you. You can start at 4GB for $30 per month, and it gets slightly cheaper the further up you go (10GB costs $60 per month, for instance).
It can also be used for Internet access in many other parts of the world—the UML295 can access wireless data service in more than 205 countries, including more than 125 that support 3G speeds. I never saw speeds higher than 9Mbps down or 2.25Mbps up, and average results were closer to half those numbers. I love my Nexus and I sell phones, I love having cheaper options available for the people who don’t care about the latest and greatest. The modem itself is big and chunky, and you need to use Verizon's cumbersome VZ Access Manager software whenever you plug it in. But the connector is still built on a hinge, which allows you to pivot the modem 90 degrees in any direction, which is helpful when you're working with limited space on the back of a laptop. The front cover pops off so you can access the SIM card slot underneath, and on the back of the modem are two external antenna adapter ports.

That's a little less expensive that data cost when the UML290 came out, but you still can't use the UML295 to replace your current home Internet connection. These batteries provide more power for extra Talk Time, Standby Time, Text Messaging, MMS, Data Transfer, Social Networking, Tethering, GPS, App downloads and other applications.
Luckily, Pantech has finally given us a new cellular modem that does away with these issues. After all, you can blow through over 10GB in a single Arrested Development marathon on Netflix. Just make sure your company is paying first before you agree to those pricey roaming agreements. That means that no matter where you go, you'll probably have access to LTE, even if those speeds are only the second fastest. While Verizon may no longer have the fastest LTE network in the nation, it does have the widest coverage, and the UML295 is your best bet if you're looking to tap into it on-the-go.

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