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Following up on the previous information leak, Verizon has officially announced the forthcoming launch of the Motorola Devour Android device set for next month. The Devour will be the first Verizon-branded Motorola Android device with the manufacturer’s popular Motoblur social-networking oriented user interface. As with all Verizon smart devices a Nationwide Talk or Nationwide Talk & Text plan and a Data Package for smartphones is required for purchase. As expected during the roll out of a new Galaxy flagship every year, Samsung has quietly listed a little-marketed and carrier-approved Developer Edition of its flagship.
While identical in terms of specifications to all of the carrier and unlocked versions of the device, the Developer Editions are notable for featuring unlocked bootloaders meant for use by enthusiasts and developers for testing and developing alternative builds of Android.
More recently starting within the last two years, manufacturers such as Samsung have decided to take it upon themselves to offer devices directly with unlocked bootloaders for developers and enthusiasts, typically at a premium above carrier retail price in order to address that demand that carriers could not fill due to concerns relating to customer support and security. Previously, enthusiasts and developers had to hope that carriers would ship their devices with unlocked bootloaders, as carriers began to focus on device security for consumers, many carriers decided to ship their devices with locked bootloaders after it was determined that the demand for them wasn’t strong enough to ship consumer devices with them unlocked, a practice that continues to this day across all major US carriers.

While Samsung has not listed pricing and launch details for its Verizon-powered Developer Edition, pricing is usually set at $50 more than carrier pricing for an outright purchase, which would make this version $699, rather than the $649 that Samsung is pushing for carrier pricing of the standard S5 at full price.
More details on availability and pricing are expected within the next few weeks as Samsung begins its official rollout of the S5 this weekend in the US with all four US carriers preparing launches and other brands preparing their own launches, such as MetroPCS for later this month. Samsung began offering the Developer Editions with the release of the S IV last year and at that time offered versions compatible with both AT&T and Verizon, in response to enthusiast and developer demand for devices with unlocked bootloaders. Carriers, manufacturers, stop cramming all the useless, add sending, junk bloat ware apps that we will never even open. To dial, you simply press the corresponding numbered key, then press the Talk button to place the call. Parents will be glad to know that the phone book is password protected, so even if the kiddies want to change a number, add a new contact, or dial a new number, they'll be stymied. The Chaperone service consists of a Child Locator that lets parents track their children via the Chaperone Web site or via a downloadable Chaperone application to their Verizon phone. Parents simply request the Migo's location, and they will receive a map showing where it is.

They can also program the phone's automatic calling buttons and customize the phone's settings over the air. In addition to Chaperone, Verizon has a Child Zone service that allows parents to designate child-safe areas for their child (say a playground) and whenever the child leaves that area, it will alert them via a text message.
Most carrier support rarely speak english or even know what they are talking about with the non tinkered phones. As it seems such the norm these days to just point fingers when we could all just shake handd and smile. Or should i say kids and noobs having no idea what they are doing, and when you tear it up.

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