Is Straight Talk good enough to quit Verizon? Can Straight Talk really offer the same service at half the cost of a Verizon plan? The biggest reason we see people look to Straight Talk instead of Verizon is the cost of service, but there are similar plans and there are definitely benefits to choosing Verizon over Straight Talk for some customers.
In this Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison we will look at how these two companies compare for a single user and or a family with two or more users or a user with multiple devices like an iPhone and an iPad with LTE. Straight Talk boasts a $45 a month plan with unlimited data, but it does slow data down significantly after a 3GB threshold is crossed each month. If paying for a phone off contract is too expensive, you can bring your own phone from many carriers to Straight Talk and a used Verizon phone to Verizon.
Read the rest of our Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison to find out which carrier is best for you and what you need to know about each option before signing up.
Verizon coverage and Straight Talk coverage are identical for some phones, because if you bring a Verizon phone to Straight Talk it will connect to Verizon towers.
If you are buying the Straight Talk phone in a store, you should be able to tell by the color of the coverage map. While you are in an area of good coverage with 4G LTE, you can expect to see speeds similar to the comparison above that covers the biggest carriers in the country.
The biggest reason many users want to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk is to save money, but not every one saves with a prepaid plan from Straight Talk. Two important things to take away from the comparison above are the features that you don’t get with some plans and the savings for users that happen when you end up with a family of four. On Straight Talk and the single line Verizon Wireless plans there is no personal hotspot, so you cannot use the phone to connect a computer or a tablet to the Internet. Straight Talk is still a good deal with two people in a family, but once you get up to four users the savings tip back in the favor of the Verizon More Everything plan. Straight Talk doesn’t offer an overage option to get more than 3GB of high-speed data. Gone are the days of giving up a good phone if you want to use a pre-paid service like Straight Talk. You will not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 or LG G3 on the Straight Talk website, but you can still buy them used and use them on Straight Talk.
Verizon Edge is a payment plan for phones that breaks the price up into monthly payments with no interest or added fees. Customer Service is a huge part of your experience with a carrier and it is an area where Verizon is hands down the winner in this comparison.
When I have a problem with Verizon I can reach out for support on Twitter, call a customer service agent who understands the problem even if it doesn’t fit a script or walk into a local store for help.
When I ran into problems with Straight Talk I ended up speaking to someone in a call center who I had trouble understanding, who couldn’t help with an issue outside o the basic script and kept asking me about Tracfone instead of Straight Talk. The Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison is about much more than just price and coverage, but it is a good place to start.
Verizon offers a wider selection of great phones, and the Verizon Edge plan is worth considering for many users.
In our experience Verizon is a clear winner when it comes to support and customer service as well.
I’ve heard stories that Verizon limits LTE speed to 5 megs when accessed through an MVNO like Straight Talk. Is anyone familiar with the process of canceling a Verizon contract to switch to Straight Talk? I have been with StraightTalk for 3 years now .StraightTalk is way cheaper than Verizon in phone prices (unless you want to buy iphone 6 which cost 699 dollars) . In checking out the maps for Verizon straight talk and the actual Verizon plan there are some coverage gaps in the straight talk plan based on other network coverage leased through an extended digital plan. I don’t know about you people but I switched from Verizon to straight talk just about a month ago.

Did you ever try to have a business call and have it dropped 4xs within 5 min and you had to keep calling back ? I am not going to waste your time explaining the months worth of wasted time and money that came as a result of Straight talk customer service. 2.) Instructing me to call the same number that I just dialed, because the next person that answers may be able to help me.
3.) Telling me there are no managers working after my 5th or 6th phone call without getting any answers or help. 5.) Rudely repeating the same sentences, like a pull-string doll without actually even listening to the question asked.
I will also add that with Straight Talk they also don’t allow Android Version upgrades.
Be sure and buy the appropriate Straight Talk sim card and or phone depending on whether you want to stick with at&t or Verizon towers.
BTW Coverage has been excellent with Straight Talk in the rugged mountains of Northern California. After posting the above comment, I went to the Verizon website and researched their current rates.
I was also thinking about going with Straight Talk when my contract and my daughters is up, but now reading these posts, I am worried.
After using both services, we share this Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison to help you decide which carrier to use with coverage, pricing and other important details, as well as who shouldn’t use Straight Talk to replace Verizon.
Both companies also offer payment plans for phones with $0 down and multiple payment lengths and fees, but there is a huge catch to the payment plans that Straight Talk offers.
Where this does differ is if you bring a AT&T, T-Mobile or other phone to Straight Talk, because it will then use those towers instead of Verizon.
If you are a single user with one device, Straight Talk is a good deal offering triple the data that Verizon offers and without the need to use a smartphone payment plan to get that deal.
This is a nice deal and while there is no contract it does lock you into Straight Talk without a major decrease in cost. This is included in the cost of the More Everything plans, which also include Verizon NFL Mobile at no added fee. Verizon and Straight Talk both offer some of the best smartphones you can buy from the iPhone 6 to the Galaxy S5 and more. If you go this route, you save $15 on your plan, which is included in the plan section mentioned earlier in this comparison.
You can check this option out, but total price paid for the LG G3 after 12 months on this plan is $1,122 and $1683 for the iPhone 6. When I go to a store they will even explain how things work on a new phone, without asking me to pay for help.
My cousin went months without data after his Straight Talk settings were messed up and support could not help him before we discovered the right settings on an online forum. For single users, Straight Talk offers an affordable option without a contract or a payment plan for the phone with the same Verizon coverage in many cases. With all of these factors in mind, you can figure out if you should go with Verizon or Straight Talk. The 30 day unlimited plan is not very good though for unlimited and the storage space is not amazing either. I was able to get exactly what I needed from Verizon’s prepaid service within 5 minutes for the same price. On many occasions I have been sitting next to people with a Verizon phone who had a good signal while my Straight Talk phone that is supposed to be using the same Verizon towers had none. Straight Talk shares all the dead spots that I had with Verizon to the exact curve in the road. I had St for a few years,didn’t want a contract , customer service was a nightmare very bad English and scripted.

I have 3 cells and laptop thru verizon and cost me $300 a month with 30 g ti share and they just inform me of another price increase.
Of being told switching and keeping old number…STRAIGHT TALK HAS NOT FIGURED IT OUT YET. On both of these plans you need to buy your own phone, but on Verizon you need to pay for the phone with a monthly payment through Verizon Edge to get the $45 price. With a payment plan like this you pay the retail price of the phone split across 24 months.
These prices are obscenely high for what you get and include monthly payments of $99 or higher, wrecking any Straight Talk savings. There are still savings to be had with two lines, but once you approach a family of four, Verizon’s More Everything plan is a better option and includes more features. On Verizon, you can also add a iPad or other tablet for $10 a month with a More Everything plan. Also another tjing is dependability and connection to a phone call or text message is very reliable but I wouldn’t recommend someone who needs a lot of storage space to get with this carrier.
Every time I called someone or they called me when I had Verizon it would drop the calls and I mean every time.
I cannot stand the thought of them being so horrible and continuing to take people’s money. If they would concentrate on good service instead of spying on us and selling our info like the should be the world would be much better…fuc*!
Verizon offers a no contract same price , smart phone was less than a hundred dollars ( moto g) .
I have experienced zero issues and there is no need to talk to customer service when you bring your own phone.
Right now the best way to know for sure that you are on a Verizon network while using Straight Talk is to bring your own Verizon phone to the carrier. If you want the Straight Talk iPhone 6, you’ll need to go to Walmart as it is not listed on the Straight Talk website at this time. Three of the supervisors read the online documents about my plan and stated that they had moved me off with my acceptance of the new contract. These data cards will also carry over for 60 days if not used whereas Verizon has no rollover data option. I am trying to switch over myself but I believe if I buy another phone without it being from StraightTalk it will be better. I know the air ways are full now days with all of the stuff floating around but straight talk has been dependable for me. Straight Talk has a spot on their website to see if your phone is compatible with their system. The biggest problem I have with Verizon is the fact that they slam you with extra fees (fines) every time you go over in minutes, texts, or data. Straight Talk offers $55 30-Day Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Plan with first 10 GB at High Speeds (LTE as well), and then at 2G*. I just purchased five Straight Talk sim card kits for 99 cents each (plus $5 shipping) for a total of $10. I plan on giving them to friends and family just to encourage them to stop feeding the giant Baby (Verizon). Because if you are using a high-end Smartphone (i.e Samsung Galaxy what ever) 5GB is nothing within a 30 day span.
I am done with being screwed over by big name companies… That is what you are paying for with them.

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