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When dealing with RVs, the main cause of poor service is the first: distance from the closest cell tower. The metal and composite materials that an RV is constructed of also degrades the cell signal. When you combine all of these factors, it’s no wonder cell signals have a tough time making it to your phone. A cell phone signal booster works by receiving a weak cell signal, amplifying it, and then broadcasting the amplified signal to the surrounding area.
Cell phone signal boosters are comprised of a few main elements: an external antenna, a signal amplifier, an internal antenna, and cabling to connect all of the components together.
When it comes to the different cell phone signal booster options for RVs, there are three main categories you’ll want to know about.
The first type is called a cradle cell phone signal booster, and is meant for boosting the signal of one phone at a time.

As the name suggests, it employs a cradle that the phone has to sit in the entire time it is being used in order to receive a boosted signal. The cradle has a magnetically mounted external antenna that you must place outside of the RV. A cradle type booster is a good option if you routinely travel by yourself, or only need to boost the signal of one device at a time.
Another type of cell phone signal booster is an RV signal booster kit, which is a more permanent solution that you install in your RV. This type of system provides a boosted signal throughout the RV, so you can use your cell phone or mobile device normally, without having to place it in a cradle. This kit offers the same voice and 3G data signal boosting as the previous option, but also includes the opportunity to boost the 4G network for the carrier of your choice.
With the wide-scale roll-out of 4G LTE by most major carriers over the next couple of years, this kit will ensure that you can boost whichever network is available at your location, including high-speed 4G LTE, for the foreseeable future. 16 Year Old Jayco Travel Trailer Gets An Interior Decor Makeover5 Idiot Proof Ways To Stay Green On Your Next RVing TripThis Neighborhood Of Tiny Homes Shares A Lot With A Traditional HouseSure the Midwest Might Be Boring.
With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg. You will see the difference in the number of bars your computer displays and you'll notice the dramatic increase in the speed of data uploads and downloads.

If you oqn a device that uses the Sprint "Spark" network, the Air Wave booster will not work on your device.
It allows you to travel in comfort while still being able to venture into areas where your only other sleeping option would be a tent.
It’s also very portable, so you can use it in your vehicle on a daily basis, and then move it to your RV when it comes time to travel.
SureCall's 4G LTE can be used with an outdoor antenna for use at home or in the office by directly connecting to a computer's data card or router.
When using the phone, try to avoid placing your hand over the area where the internal antenna is installed. A I called Sprint and they are shipping the air rave out to me and crediting my acct $25 for the service I haven't be able to use. INSTRUCTIONS: Simply place the antenna under your battery to add the equivalent of a 4' antenna to your phone or PDA.

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