You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The newest and most powerful of Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters, the 803470 comes with exterior and interior antennas, two cables, 35 Foot cable and 65 Foot cable, eliminated dropped calls granting you access to the power of your cell phone network. The Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster is the perfect solution for enhancing your 4G reception while on the go.
With the Sleek 4G-A Cell Phone Signal Booster from Wilson Electronics, you get the full power of your cell phone network while on the road. A Best New Product finalist in the CEDIA 2013 Manufacturers' Excellence Awards, the Wilson Electronics 803670 AG Pro-Quint is a five-band booster for 4G and earlier generation services on all U.S.
If you’ve invested in a 4G cell phone, you'll want excellent cell reception to match the high powered network. A 4G signal booster and a LTE cell signal booster are designed to enhance the data that a 4G or LTE network offers. A signal amplifier for your 4G and LTE network gives you the faster, stronger signal you deserve. If you are a experiencing a weak signal and slow data speeds, an LTE signal booster will improve the power and speed of your LTE network. 4G and LTE boosters take a weak signal and enhance it by amplifying the gain of the signal. A 4G cell phone booster or LTE cell phone signal booster cannot create a signal; a booster needs an existing signal to amplify. A 4G signal booster kit and a LTE booster kit contains a 4G amplifier or a LTE amplifier, external antenna, indoor antenna, coaxial cables, and a power adaptor. Easy to install (without drilling), simply stick the antenna to the top of the rear window.

This top quality signal booster covers and area up to 10,000 sq ft, adding a boost to both voice and data communications.
This booster will enable you to obtain higher data speeds, clearer reception, and will reduce dropped calls.
When the still-developing 4G industry falls short of providing you with the ultimate coverage, Quantum carries a simple solution: 4G signal boosters that give you the faster, stronger signal you deserve.
If you’ve invested in a 4G cell phone, you’ll want excellent cell reception to match the high speed of your network.
Functioning in any space, ranging from a home to an office building, a 4G LTE signal booster will amplify your 4G and LTE signal for optimal speeds and reliability.
You will be able to send emails and texts faster, have increased download speeds up to ten times faster than 3G, enjoy rapid Internet browsing, and as an added bonus, have an extended battery life because your phone will not be working to find a signal. How does a 4G cell phone signal booster or LTE cell phone signal booster improve my network?
Once the signal is enhanced, the booster will send the new and improved signal to an indoor antenna to be transmitted. Since LTE only affects your data speeds, the booster will only enhance that portion of your cell service. Other accessories such as a mount, connectors, splitters, and surge protectors can be found in our accessories section. For you to receive an enhanced and powerful signal, an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, and coaxial cables are necessary to receive and transmit the signal. Unlike the earlier 803470 model, this booster does not require the installer to select AT&T or Verizon on the 700 MHz frequency band. Use this signal booster to get more than 20 times the power of your cell phone alone and for multiple devices simultaneously!

Functioning in any space from a home to an office building, these boosters will amplify your 4G signal for optimal speed and continuity. When the still-developing 4G and LTE industry falls short of providing you with the ultimate coverage, Quantum carries a simple yet highly effective solution: 4G cell phone signal boosters and LTE signal boosters.
The 4G amplifier and the LTE amplifier function with multiple carriers, for both LTE and WiMAX networks. Once the heightened signal is broadcasted, you will be able to enjoy a high-powered network while you’re in range of the signal. Fortunately, there is normally a signal in your vicinity; however, outside factors or distance may be causing the signal to be interrupted or weakened.
If you would like to improve your cell reception, a 4G or 3G booster will provide you with clear reception, fewer dropped calls, and better battery life. Accessories are important because they ensure that your newly enhanced network runs efficiently and effectively. Mounts, connectors, splitters, and surge protectors are important because they maintain the power of your newly established network. In such cases, external antennas are specially designed to receive weak signals and send them to the signal booster. We recommend purchasing a booster kit, or having one of our customer service representatives build you your own unique kit when making your first purchase.
This will avoid any confusion and will ensure that all the equipment is present and ready for immediate use.

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