Amazon may not offer free cell phones, but they have a ton of cell phones for under $25! With most welfare programs there are always a wide variety of emotions about it and the Safelink cell phones for food stamps recipients is no different. In the end you will have to decide for yourself what you think of the Safelink cell phones for food stamps recipients and other LifeLine cell phone programs. The program isn’t new, but comes with a great deal of skepticism and a whole lot of rumors. The program is a simple one that has some people excited, some people thankful, others bragging, and many outraged. Some areas have more than one choice, but most don’t have any selection on their free phones.
Many people who are new to the program think of the free cell phone and minutes as their Obama Phone. LifeLine (the government program) does encourage a number of companies including TracFone (with their Safelink Cell Phones for Food Stamps Recipients program) to provide a free phone and free minutes.

They use these phones to keep in touch with family, to make doctor’s appointments, and other needs. These are those who boost about their new, free phone and are otherwise paying for home phone service.
The truth is pretty simple Safelink Cell Phones for food stamps recipients are free and come with free minutes each and every month.
They believe that because they are just now getting one that it is based on something Obama has done. They imagine the government taking their hard earned money and turning around to pay for someone’s cool new phone and their cell phone bill.
For some it really is a life line and for others it is just one more way out tax money is wasted. With the way that the economy is running, very few cell phone carriers offer free mobile phones, even with 2 or 3 year plans; however, Safelink continues to offer these phones for free to food stamp recipients. If you are not on a government funded assistance program, but you are at or below your states poverty level (according to the size of your family) then you will also be eligible.

It is true that with Safelink users can get texting (it uses minutes), national long distance, carry over minutes, 411 directory assistance (it uses minutes), International long distance, local calls, and voice mail (checking your messages uses minutes) this isn’t the same thing as a regular cell phone bill. In some areas 70 minutes are all that are free, but other areas offer as much 250 free minutes each month. You can not get Lifeline Service through more than one carrier and you must have a United States Postal Address to qualify.
The service also claims to offer free 911, but that’s a service every cell phone (with service or without service) has as long as it has battery. Even with 250 free minutes there isn’t a whole lot of talking that can be done on the cell phone.
That means that there is a program out there that subsidizes providers who offer such services.

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