Regular mobile phones and smartphones connect to the nearest cell phone tower in order to get reception. In the United States, most cell phone antennas are registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To the left of the map are a series of fields that must be addressed before the map will be visible.
When promoted to share your location with the site, choose yes so that the map zooms in on your general region automatically. Specify your country via the drop down list on the left side of the screen; the United States is listed as #310.
When you enter the required information, the map automatically updates, showing colored circles if there is more than one tower present in the area. Enter the name of your city or state in this search box to automatically orient the map to that region.
Use the zoom slider on the left-side of the map (below the yellow figure) to adjust the zoom level. There are also zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) buttons toward the top-left of the map, which is also where you will find a search box.
There are far fewer filters, compared to CellMapper, for finding towers specific to a particular carrier or of a particular type.
MapMuse does not color-code the relative density of cell phone towers when zoomed out the way that CellMapper does.
To use the map, you'll need to enter the name of the city you are interested in and choose the state from the drop down list. A smaller map is then displayed with the Google Maps red marker indicating the location of each individual cell tower.
This resulting map can then be navigated as normal: click and drag to pan around the map, and then use the zoom slider on the left to adjust the zoom level. In addition to the actual map itself, each local area page also has a small table indicating the average rating and total number of reviews for the major carriers in the area. The data includes the three major nationwide carriers -- Bell, Telus and Rogers -- as well as smaller and regional providers like Wind Mobile, MTS, SaskTel and VideoTron.
The next time you are moving furniture or jacking up the couch to find the phone jack, ask yourself, "Why can't my land-line be wireless?" Put down the couch and get yourself connected with a high-quality, analog home phone adapter called Home Phone Connect. The service on Verizon Wirelessa€™ (CDMA) network entails a unit connected to your existing home telephone or answering machine all the while keeping your existing home telephone number. Where Home Phone Connect WorksHome Phone Connect is designed to operate anywhere within the Verizon Wireless coverage area and should provide coverage at your location that is consistent with your experience with your current Verizon Wireless device. Add up to nine lines on your account After six months with good payment history, you may be eligible for up to nine lines without a deposit. The backup battery life of Home Phone Connect is:Talk time - 2 hoursStandby time - 36 hours 911 on Home Phone Connect911 functions similarly to the way it would on your Verizon Wireless mobile device. International calls with Home Phone ConnectYou can make international calls with Home Phone Connect.

Even if you own a property that seems to be an outstanding potential cell tower location, they carriers more than likely will not need it as the number of suitable property sites far exceeds the need for more cell phone tower locations. Smoke stack May 18, 16 10:25 AMI have a warehouse with an unused smoke stack thati is probably 50-75 feet tall. The data regarding cell phone tower locations is then laid on top of the main Google Maps, giving the similar zoom and pan features found in the regular Google Maps interface. Each provider can be listed multiple times, because of how the tower registration process works. This site also provides an interactive map that can be navigated with the same zoom and pan functions as Google Maps. Instead, this site simply uses a single blue square to indicate the location of each tower.
Instead of providing an extra-large map of the entire country that can then be navigated, it has broken down the information for each of the major cities. This helps to provide consumers with a better idea of how other customers in the area feel about the coverage they have. The markers can be color coded for the different providers, giving consumers a good sense of whether they'll have coverage with a specific cell phone service provider in a specific area. On the one hand, having a higher density of cell phone towers may mean that you don't have to deal with reception issues nearly as often. However, for emergency calls to 911 from indoor environments, be prepared to provide your location within the premises to public safety. To do this, you must have the International Dialing (iDial) feature on your account which can be added on. Our Principals have identified, leased and developed over 1,000 cell tower sites in the United States over the last 25 years for all major wireless carriers and their own consulting firms.
Flat Rooftops in urban and suburban areas are the  primary cell tower locations the carriers target. However, if you are the owner of a cellular site or know someone who has a cell tower on their property and is looking for additional revenue, please take a few minutes to contact us and tell us about your cell tower locations  and one of our Principal Cell Tower Lease Consultants will get in touch with you to discuss how we maybe able to attract additional carriers to your site. As such, one of the better indications for cell phone coverage in a specific area is to review a map of the tower locations.
Many online maps are able to further break down the information by provider, separating Verizon tower locations from those of AT&T, for example.
In order to see all the T-Mobile towers for example, you may need to go through each of the T-Mobile listings individually. This results in a more crowded, but more comprehensive map that can show all the known FCC tower locations in a particular area. The map can also be filtered by these carriers, displaying only the T-Mobile towers or only the Verizon tower locations, for example. It also uses Google Maps as its basis and then each individual cell phone tower has its own indicator on the map. On the other hand, there is much discussion about the potential health risks associated with cell towers too.

Home extension phonesCordless extension phones that receive signal from a cordless base station connected the Home Phone Connect adaptor will receive service.
Set the answering machine to fewer rings than your current mobile devicea€™s setting so that it picks up the call before Verizon Wireless Voice Mail engages. Most cell tower developers like Crown, American Tower or SBA Communications will need a minimum of 50 feet x 50 feet but more likely 100 feet x 100 feet of rentable ground space for new cell tower locations they are seeking. As a cellular tower leasing and management company we are actively seeking landlords and building owners of existing cell tower sites with additional available rooftop space or ground space where we can bring additional wireless carriers to deploy antennas on a cell tower or rooftop cell site.
The structures can be office buildings or industrial parks, factories, medical centers or hotels, schools, apartment buildings, or shopping centers. While the websites for the different carriers may display coverage maps, third party websites generally must be used to pinpoint the locations of the actual cell towers. However, since not every antenna is necessarily registered with the FCC, the data is inherently incomplete and is always a work in progress.
This usually includes a more precise address or location information about that particular tower.
There is a basic search field to narrow the results down to a particular city, but the map itself can be navigated as normal with zoom and pan functionality. Whatever the case, having access to their location by way of the websites above better prepares you to make more educated decisions.
Only corded phones connected directly to the Home Phone Connect device will receive service. Alternatively, if you would like to use your Voice Mail, either turn off your home answering machine or increase the number of rings at which ita€™s set to pick up the call. We can also advise landlords on how to structure their leases to receive a substantial cash infusion up front while retaining a long term financial benefit.
Sites frequently selected for cellular development average around 40-55 feet in height and are generally from 3 to 7 stories high. Still, these maps can provide helpful information to consumers interested in identifying providers with the best local presence. There are two telephone ports on the rear of the Home Phone Connect device, allowing a combination of corded and cordless phones to be used. Other carriers such as Sprint-Nextel, Metro PCS, ClearWire or T-Mobile take up much less rooftop space.
Your available rooftop space (and municipal wireless ordinance) will determine how many carriers you can deploy onto the roof. Additionally, some equipment cabinets can be placed inside the building or even located in the basement or externally if required.

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