Verizon Wireless and Samsung has announced that they will start offering the Samsung Gusto Flip Phone to its subscribers nationwide.
Samsung Gusto is an entry-level clamshell featurephone that doesn’t come up with anything new and only available in Metallic Gray with no hope of getting more choices in the near future, unless it will sell very good, which I doubt.
The Gusto does have a few interesting features including a Driving Mode and Fake Call Feature.  Basically, the Driving Mode makes the in-call volume on high, overrides vibrate settings, and reads contact information aloud when a text message is received.
There is a special chapter that you should read carefully on the User Manual (User Guide) of Samsung Convey 3 SCH-U680. On the Section 13, at page 104 to page 134 (30 pages), you can learn how to use My Verizon, Master Volume, Bluetooth Menu setting, Phone Settings, Display Settings, Call Settings, USB Mode, Phone Info ,Set-up Wizard, PTT Settings, and also Memory. The Convey 3 has been equipped with GPS Navigation and installed also with Noise Cancelation. The image-tutorial below would show you how to remove the Back Cover of Samsung Convey properly, therefore you can insert the battery to its compartment.

Using Download Manager would give you a stable download process on downloading the PDF File.
Jeff Russell, owner of Russell-Cellular, started in 1993 selling wireless service from the trunk of his car – an old Dodge Omni at the time.
Street photographer featuring new restaurants and businesses coming to the SouthShore, Brandon and Tampa, Florida area. Samsung Gusto is sports a two-inch main display, and includes noise suppression, mobile web browser and Bluetooth. Fake Call feature which lets customers set up a pseudo call with a timer to manage social situations. Even though the trend of mobile phone at this day tends to use touch-bar with or without combination of qwerty keyboard, but flipped with clamshell style phone design still has its fans. With this, you can have a kind of Handy talky in your mobile phone but with a better coverage.

It’s, of course, capable for both capture image and shooting a video (camcorder usage). There are also tutorial to help you understand how to insert the external microSD memory to its card slot and how to charge the phone.
So while the Gusto may not entirely live up to the name, it can help to get you out of an awkward social situation and that has to count for something. Many people still love on using this PTT feature instead of Voice Call which is quite popular at this time.

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