An easy-to-use, streamlined phone designed to get seniors into the cell realm is a great idea, but the Verizon Wireless Coupe isn't it.
The ICE buttons are also confusing because chances are you'll try to press them to activate the main menu–after all, the "I" key is just under the word "menu" on the screen. Usability issues aside, the Coupe is a decent voice phone, but those are in no short supply these days. The phone also lacks a built-in camera, but I don't imagine many Coupe owners will be wanting to take a lot of photos, so that's probably okay. The Coupe is not flattered by the contrast with the better-executed Jitterbug, which was truly designed with seniors in mind.
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Census Bureau, and that number has grown by more than two million within the last five years. For that matter, Coupe owners will probably not have much use for some tools the phone does offer, including text-messaging capability, a calendar, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and a calculator.
It has larger, clearer keys, a super-easy-to-use interface, and a 24-hour operator service. Those folks need to stay in touch just like everyone else, and Verizon Wireless's new Coupe phone is aimed straight at them. Flip it open to find large, lighted number keys and a decently bright 176- by 220-pixel color screen.
For those who don't require as much simplicity as the Jitterbug offers but still value sleek design and ease of use, one of Motorola's RAZR2s should fill the bill. Unfortunately, the Coupe comes off as a weakly designed product, with usability issues that would surely stop me from recommending it to my own mother, grandmother, or anyone else.

For technophobes on limited budgets, I say scoop up a used Motorola E815 or an LG VX8000 for Verizon on eBay, or get a midrange Sanyo phone on Sprint. Live chat is available for customers who have reliable Internet access and want to chat with a representative in real time. Also disappointing is that the screen does not default to a high-contrast setup or large fonts, which you'd think would be standard for the bifocal crowd; you can set those options up manually, but they're buried deep within menus.
Also, the phone underreports its own signal strength, which makes it look as if it can't make calls when it can.
Customers can call Verizon Wireless customer service lines for questions and help related to accounts, devices and bills.

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