T-Mobile: Customer Service Report Card T-Mobile's outspoken CEO John Legere makes a big deal about putting the customer first, but does the Uncarrier continue to care after you sign up? AT&T, Sprint and Verizon all prominently display support as a link in the top navigation bar on their main websites.
Once you get there, though, T-Mobile's support site is well-laid-out and easy to navigate, thanks to its use of graphics to organize the content. Each section contains how-tos, community questions and answers to common issues, such as "Safe Mode Won't Turn Off on Android Device." The search bar at the top lets you quickly find an answer.
She was helpful and friendly, and eventually gave me a URL to a guide me on deleting pictures from my phone, though I had specifically asked about transferring photos. T-Mobile told us its social media support teams have a target window of an hour to respond to customers. I was particularly impressed by T-Mobile's clear instructions in helping to determine whether my pictures were stored on my device or on an SD Card.
Calls to tech support hotlines can be an ordeal, but in general I found T-Mobile's phone support easy, breezy and helpful.
Jackie walked me through all the steps of connecting my USB cable to my computer, enabling media transfers and importing my pictures to desktop.
Apparently some guy set his house on fire trying to kill a spider with a makeshift blow torch. In contrast, T-Mobile's support site is hard to find: you have to scroll all the way to the bottom or hover over the My T-Mobile icon to find the links.
You can look for help in any of five topics — account, billing, coverage, phones and plans. I looked up, "How do I change my plan?" and the first result brought me to a step-by-step guide on doing just that.

As helpful as the live-chat feature is, T-Mobile could improve it even further with responses tailored more specifically to the questions. The company replied to my post about changing plans in two hours, the second-longest response time among carriers we tested.
I liked that the Uncarrier's navigation system lets you say your questions, such as "How do I change my plan," so I wasn't chained to a keypad. It was comforting and relaxing to know that I was being helped by someone who knew what she was doing, though Jackie could have also discussed wireless or cloud options.
At every step of the way, I felt like a valued customer, thanks to cheerful and friendly operators and agents.
When she's not writing about wearables, cameras and smartphones, she's devouring old episodes of Torchwood or The X-Files.
The provider proved helpful via online chat, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and phone. ET via its website, one of the most extensive windows for chat support among the major carriers. T-Mobile's Facebook rep asked me to send a private message for more help; when I did, the team responded in 45 minutes, asking me to authorize the company to access my account via Facebook. ET, after I asked, "How do I get pictures off my phone," and confirmed my phone number, T-Mobile's system asked if I had tried rebooting the device, before connecting me to Jackie in Colorado. The company shone in phone and social media channels, but could stand to make the link to its support site more prominent on its home page. I have three reasons for needing this much Kleenex, and their names are Liam, Samuel and Hank.This is how it goes in this house.
The agent also asked me what I was looking to change, explaining that some things can be changed online, with links to two pages on how to do so.

Not only was she affable and helpful, Shamika also knew exactly what she was talking about, confidently explaining the many ways I could change my plan ? from my phone, on the Web or right then on the call. Jackie was very friendly, telling me, "That's a great question," when I asked how to get pictures off my phone. She also told me when my billing cycle began, when my changes would take effect, and what the differences between changes to features and rate plans were. Overall, however, testing T-Mobile's tech support was like getting a big pink virtual hug — comforting and gratifying.
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