The LG G2 is both super-sized and super-powerful, but it doesn't quite match the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4, our Editors' Choice Android smartphone on Verizon. Physical Features, Performance, and Call Quality The G2's dimensions, weight, and display are the same across carriers. The plastic back also features a subtly different look, with a honeycomb pattern instead of the carbon-fiber-like weave on other models. Bloatware and Conclusions Of the 32GB of internal storage, only 23.86GB are available out of the box. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The phone's 13 megapixel camera allows you to take crisp pictures from either the front or the back camera, and the new dual recording and dual camera features makes it easier to put you in the frame with your subject.
With beauty, power, comfort, functionality and convenience, the LG G2 has everything you could ask for in an Android™ smartphone. Don’t you hate it when you snap a photo just as a stranger walks in the background or a big truck zooms by? You don’t need to worry about keeping your hands still to capture that perfectly focused photo, thanks to the 13–megapixel camera’s built–in optical image stabilization. Instantly capture a screen image, then add comments and drawings using QuickMemo™ before sharing your picture. At home, you can convert G2 into a programmable remote for your infrared devices with Quick Remote.
Wake up the G2 by tapping twice on its display with KnockON, or answer calls simply by moving this smartphone to your ear with Answer Me. With Guest Mode, friends and family can borrow your phone without disrupting your settings. Notification LED: colored and patterned light for alerts like alarms, calendar reminders, new messages, missed calls, etc. G2’s large 5.2-inch, Full HD IPS display runs edge-to-edge with no buttons in the way, giving you a superior visual experience with true-to-nature colors.
With a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor, you’ll enjoy smooth graphics while juggling multiple apps with no lag time.
The LG G2 on Verizon looks a bit different than the international G2 we were shown at the launch event. One interesting bit of information from this page: Qi wireless charging will be built into the G2 as a Verizon-exclusive feature. Obviously they paid them for an exclusive, but it still seems like a lot of resources to put into play for such a thing. I totally agree and had this exact thought before I clicked on the link to read this topic. Seeing as this is the only phone you can get in america (barring international phones) this is not a bad deal.

I have the VZW Note II and I have to look at that ridiculous logo on the home button every day. If it had microSD I might have considered it, but I just can't live with the bloatware and 23-25GB of space. There's also only one speaker port on the bottom of the Verizon G2, versus two on AT&T's.
You still get the excellent 1080p IPS display and blazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. In my tests, the G2 had excellent reception, even showing two bars of LTE in our office basement, where many phones struggle to have any connection at all. With its captivating design and ergonomically positioned Rear Key control, G2 can run multiple apps at once or stream content using fast Verizon 4G LTE and a quad core processor. The G2 has taken the smartphone experience and enhanced it with multiple new features to better suit your needs. The G2 also has the built-in ability to charge without wires on the Wireless Charging Pad accessory (sold separately).
The new Guest Mode lets another person use your phone without accessing your personal information. Sporting a polished design and edge–to–edge 5.2–inch Full HD display, the G2 has a button on the rear of the smartphone, making it easier to control with one hand. Browse the web, stream video, play games and do whatever else kindles your imagination with a fast processor and better graphics.
The G2’s auto–focus feature uses nine focal points for multiple faces, and you can take clear images even in low light. With QSlide 2.0™, making a list and adding a to–do on your calendar can be done while you browse the web. Operate G2 with one hand, thanks to the ergonomically-positioned Rear Key control on the back.
The super high-resolution, 13-megapixel camera is enhanced by optical image stabilization technology, which stabilizes the focus so it’s great for action shots and low-light situations.
After seeing the Moto X and HTC One pages go up earlier this week, now it's LG's turn in the spotlight. They had Samsung disable the wireless charging on the Note 2 to help promote the Droid DNA that had wireless charging.
Either way I hope Yamaha is right and all devices do indeed have the hardware and it can be unlocked.
The modest performance gains aren't enough to overcome some of its bugs and its senseless carrier customization. All carrier G2s have the bizarre rear-mounted Volume and Power buttons below the camera, but not all of the rear-mounted buttons are created equal. That includes six Verizon branded apps and various third-party apps like Amazon Kindle, Slacker Radio, and Polaris Office.

Take stunning photos and videos, then view them on a full HD display in true to life colors. The phone makes history as the first smartphone in the United States to feature the Snapdragon Quad-core processor, giving it the power it needs to make multi-tasking a snap. This captivating Android™ Jelly Bean smartphone runs on Verizon 4G LTE and keeps you inspired and connected to what matters.
When it’s time to recharge, power up without wires, a feature exclusive to Verizon Wireless.
The LG G2 now has its very own place where you can input your email address to probably not receive the "latest information," but you can always hope. Verizon slapped a big logo on the back, and crammed a small one in on the front, offset to the right. I want to wait until reviewers actually own one and reveal details about real world battery life and bootloader status. Still, the G2 is an excellent Android option that'll satiate spec fanatics, but it falls just short of replacing the Galaxy S4 as our Editors' Choice Android phone on Verizon.
On AT&T's model, the Power button is raised between the Volume buttons, and the plastic has a different texture that makes it feel more defined.
It's the fastest Android phone out right now, but like we saw on AT&T's model, LG's aggressive Android skin seems to be holding the G2 back a bit. Unfortunately, none of these can be uninstalled and there's no microSD card slot for memory expansion. The G2 pushes the limit with its screen size, stretching it as close to the edge as possible to offer you more of a display to view your photos and videos.
Verizon, for reasons unknown, made all three buttons smaller, flatter, and the same texture. Aside from that, you get the same heavily skinned Android and LG features that you'll find on the AT&T G2. Simply place G2 on a compatible charging pad (sold separately) and charge quickly without the clutter.
Noise cancellation is excellent, as the G2 was able to eliminate most of the loud construction noises during a test call.
When on LTE, the G2 averaged between 1-2Mbps down, which is consistent with what we've seen lately on Verizon's increasingly crowded network. I really like this feature, and it works about as well as AT&T's, which is about 80 percent of the time.
Somtimes I had to tap faster or harder than other times, but it worked more often than not.

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